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the bakchi’s first blog~

April 23, 2008

Was reading Jarod’s blog before chatting with him on msn and he asked me to leave a comment… To cut the whole story short, (though the story wasn’t that long and complicated after i started this account to satisfy his demand..haha…

Man… What should be my first post then?

Maybe a lil introduction bout the writer and her beautiful lil world??? Hmmm… Let’s see how it goes…

1st of May, 1987. There was a little breathe of life struggling to get out of the mother’s womb to catch a glimpse of the outside world. Though she was causing havoc in her little prison, there was no doctor on duty to release the child from her cage and the mother from the unbearable pain. The mother was given insufficient painkillers and was screaming till the next morning while the father was getting restless and frustrated. Finally, at 6.37am, 2nd May 1987, a hairless baby girl was pulled out by the doctor and the dad rushed to count her fingers and toes. Happily he exclaimed, ” God gave us a healthy baby!”

So this girl grew up, transforming from a total tomboy into a lady..(maybe not quite there yet..) She had her prime time becoming a head prefect in high school, hanging out in several cliques, holding few responsibilities, and becoming the teachers’ pet during high school. Sometimes she does feel that God has been “unfair” as she felt that she was blessed too much if compared to others. God gave her good results, singing, dancing and acting talents, an incredible family, a good circle of friends, a great deal of confidence and dimples that she has always been proud of… To top things up, she was even blessed with three full-scholarships after her SPM examination… She could never fully understand the goodness of God.

But life for her wasn’t a bed of roses from the beginning till the end… She had her share of drama in her process of growing up… Hypocrites, back-stabbers, cheating-lovers, and heart breakers going in and out… Yet she had to live up to her name, a beautiful name carefully selected by her parents – Felicia, meaning “the happy one”. Therefore, she tends to hide behind the mask of a “bakchi”, by being silly, bubbly, and yet proud of it. Before she knew, the mask was embedded in her, it became her, they became one.

To date, she may have some regrets in her life but she wouldn’t want it in another way. She’s excited about becoming a teacher as she believes she has what it takes to be an educator who inspires and makes a difference. Besides having a more intimate relationship with Jesus, she’s contented on being single at the moment. She learned through the hard way that rushing into one and compromising on wrong decisions are simply unwise. She loves her life in Auckland and cant wait to unfold every single day to see what God has planned ahead for her…

She got to sign out for the moment as she still has to re-edit her assignment due tomorrow.

Till then~ Chow & God Bless @(^w^)@

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  1. ah^kam koko' permalink
    April 25, 2008 11:12 am

    A good start!You first post is so heartwarming!=DAnd yes… I fathered this masterpiece!(As in the blog, not the person!)Just like many women, she took a little persuasion because it was her first time…But in the end, she did a good job!Looking forward to more posts!=D

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