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Love? Is it so hard to achieve?

April 24, 2008
Once upon a time, (well..not really..) i used to have girly talks with my crazy friends and we came out with a long list of traits-must-haves for our Mr. Right. Personally i believed it was due to the effects of the ever-additive idol drama series… Haha…

Well, as age is catching up, i had to discard my selfish desires gradually… if not i might have to face the risk of staying single and non-attractive, living with ten kittens, and knitting on a rocking chair for the rest of my life!!!!! NNNOOOOOoooooo!!!!!!!! *dramatic music at the background….*

*clears throat*. Therefore, i shorten my expectations to only 3.. Gleefully thinking that i was so “wise” and “down-to-earth”.. To be honest, i was pretty proud of myself.. Little did i know, it was super hard to even fulfill those 3 essentials.. Gahh… Maybe i have to start learning from Jarod on how to be a good mummy to kittens after all… Dang~

Behold, my 3 must-haves:
1. He must LOVE God.
2. He must LOVE me.
3. I must LOVE him.

Seems simple enough but i kept running into guys with good prospects but only fulfilled 2 out of 3 @_@… It would be either that wonderful and rich guy is not a Christian, or a marvellous Christian who doesn’t love me as much as i loved him, or a great brother in Christ whom i can’t treat him more than a friend!!!!! Am getting kind of frustrated~ Lol…

People around me seems to be pretty concerned whether i will be troubled by peer pressure~ Of course it aches in the heart to see couples being all lovey-dovey while you can only warm your hands in the pockets of your wool jacket.. Of course sometimes you craved for male attention and the special tingling feeling within you that just brings excitement into your life… BUT, I’ve learned that heart breaks can really tear you apart, trample you on the floor, and leave a scar… If so, why then should i rush to have the warmth of the fire and either get my fingers burnt or froze myself to death when the fire is put off without notice???

You may call me old-fashioned and silly… Or even rebuke me for not fully-utilising my youth to explore this realm of love, lust and pleasure… But i am proud to be old-fashioned and silly… Because at the end of the day, my hubby gets the best of me, the whole of me. Doesn’t the one whom i want to spend the rest of my life with deserve nothing but the best i could give???

Haha… More emo updates from the bakchi coming soon~

Signing out. *Mmuackkkss*

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  1. ah^kam koko' permalink
    April 25, 2008 11:19 am

    Once again you wrote a really good piece!I was especially impressed with your contrast & metaphor use in:“why then should i rush to have the warmth of the fire and either get my fingers burnt or froze myself to death when the fire is put off without notice???”Painful, straight to the point and classy at the same time…*Thumbs up*

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