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Ins and Outs of my 2 weeks~

June 17, 2008

was reading through Jarod’s blog… From an eventful week, he moved on to an interesting week… which led me to reflect on my week as well… to be honest.. i did pretty well myself aye~ haha…

let me see… i was pretty free since the 6th of June… Evil as it sounds, we were practically partiying and enjoying our freedom to the max while others were occupying Uni’s library and Student Commons .. digging into piles and piles of books.. Although we have been quite defensive, i do agree that Education students seem to be having a much better life if compared to most students… hahaha… (oopsss… the secret is out..)

besides having more time to work in Foodtown, i have been indulging in lots of movies and dramas… all thanks to…
*Clears throat* i know its not exactly productive… but i find it really funny how what i used to think would only happen in drama series can actually happen in real life… In a way, i actually learned lots of lessons from the shows…

For starters, Zettai Kareshi.. a story about the ideal boyfriend in the form of a robot… Although it is one ridiculous idea to many… it actually challenges one to think what is “ideal” in our minds… where and how are we searching for our absolute desire… will we ever be satisfied…..

To name a few, these are the movies i have watched…
Virgin Snow, Seducing Mr Perfect, Le Grand Chef, My Boyfriend is Type B, My Tutor Friend 2, Unstoppable Marriage, Volcano High, Windstruck, Kung Fu Dunk, Forbidden Kingdom, 27 Dresses.. etc… Erhem….i just realised it is quite a list… haha….

But speaking of movies… i really enjoyed Sex and the City the Movie… Although i had never watched the series before… i was basically tearing throughout the movie…

I may not be a gal who put much emphasis on designer labels and New York lifestyle… Yet it was a pleasant surprise how we can relate to the characters~ It doesn’t matter how we look outwardly…or how was our “packaging” like…coz deep down inside, we are just humans… yearning for love, comfort, security… But as for me, i know i can look for all those in God! Amen 😉

Of course i do DO productive activities….hehe…
Well.. have i mentioned that i do work and earn money… yea… i did…
Ermm…. oh yea… i went to church services and events… Currently, am attending two services on Sundays… If i could, i would love to attend all three… Its just awesome to be in the presence of the Lord… Great worship, great sermon, great people, great anointing of the Lord.. what’s not to love? *wink*

As i am involved in the international student ministry – the conversational class… we had our class outing to La Pochetta and Chocolate Boutique after our Friday class… However, there were certain misunderstandings between us and the La Pochetta staff… In the end, there were not enough seats for a few of us… So Wira, Lind Say and I willingly “sacrificed” ourselves and settled for Burger Fuel… haha… It was still a great deal though… love loVE LOVE the burgers… hehe… oohhh.. C N Cheese…is just so fattening…. haha… totally loved it…

they are as big as our faces o @_@


After a very satisfying dinner.. we moved on to Chocolate Boutique~

It is a very pretty shop.. would have been the perfect place to chill and hang out with some friends when its not so crowded though… Was quite immersed with all the pretty chocolates in the store.. it was just a little too cramped up as their business was pretty good that night.. ( we were among the major contributors…)

Well, i managed to have my good share of choc without spending a dollar though… all I had to do is to say thank you in advance to Lind Say, Ed… and arigatou gozaimasu to Shota…and tada… free delights… kekekekeke… (typical felicia the thick-skinned…hehe..)

Oh oh oh.. how could i forget….I, yes, I, Felicia Peh Yi Ting went to WWE Smack Down!!!!!!!!!!!
Having not a clue what’s the buzz behind watching big guys yelling at each another and slamming the opponent mercilessly… i sort of conformed to peer pressure and decided to just go for the “cultural exposure”
was getting ready for the show… don really know what to dress up as… wanted to go for the “ganas” look… haih… in the end just settled for some eye liner… haha…

Vectorarena was starting to fill up.. what amazed me most is that there were MANY families with young KIDSSSSSS… i mean MANY…. Don’t really understand why… don’t think the response will be so well in Malaysia though…

Batista’s entrance

Batista’s opponent – Kennedy… (the supposed-to-be-coward-aka-underdog, Batista bashed him up quite bad… but Kennedy played dirty and got Batista down in the end.. much to the crowds’ dismay… which could be judged by the amount of swearing and shouting that followed after..)

of course.. they wouldn’t let the crowd go back angry… so Undertaker came to save the night…(much to the crowds’ delight which could be judged by the crowd’s cheering..swt..)

and yea.. they both teamed up and gave Kennedy quite a whacking…

Basically, the $55 ticket was well-worthed… the show lasted for more than 4 hours!!!!!!!!! and finally i got to recognise Batista, Kane and Undertaker… okok… im a beginner k…
I would say it was “entertaining” yet really fake at the same time… i get the whole idea of people wanting to see action, delight in watching others hurt and not themselves for a change… hmmm… but… maybe all they need is God… to find their purpose in life… which will bring way more delight than indulging in others’ pain…

basically, thats pretty much what went through my life… during a short period of 2 weeks…

there were a couple of more sensitive issues and dramas that i went through… but i shall just focus on the more delightful events 😉

that’s all from me for the moment~

Felicia. Out. ^o^

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  1. ah^kam koko' permalink
    June 18, 2008 8:52 am

    Looks like Felicia had a good week!But wrestling?Oh my~~Cant imagine a mild mannered Felicia there!haha~~

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