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Chapter One: The Lulu

March 23, 2009
I guess I’m in the mood to write… Can’t say the same for my assignments though.. It’s weird how after emptying my bowels in the toilet for quite a while and you have all these crazy zest coming in.. Must be the crazy works of losing substantial fluid… *coughs* too much information? Lol..

So, I decided that this blog needs an introduction of the author.. Because…. Well, just because… =P

Since young, my family have faithfully called me Lulu.

Not because I’m of ringleader potential, and am always up to mischief like Little Lulu (hmm… maybe there’s some connection to it)

But rather because of its “clumsy person” connotation… *Grandma claims that it is a hokkien saying*

as i often tripped… even without any obstacles seen…

screwed up the most basic thing…

did the unspeakable… and usually ended up entertaining everyone with my special stunt @_@

For example, I once put my specs into the washing machine with my laundry… Don’t ask me why… i just wasn’t thinking k… hahahaha

Well…at least..

Fergie managed to make clumsy people like me feel glamorous and beautiful… Although I know her definition meant something totally different… hahaha… Just trying to live in blatant denial…

Somehow my ‘luluness’ doesn’t seem to get better with age… No matter how much more mature, independent, and careful I tend to claim myself as, I can’t stop surprising myself with the extend of ‘luluness’ i’m capable of doing. Let’s not go into too much detail… Lol..

The funny thing was, this nick name of mine never follow me to high schools or uni… My friends happily called me ‘bakchi’ – the silly one (it has no negative connotations k), filifele (just to annoy me) and fish-ia (to annoy me to the fullest… haha… you know who you are). Yet, the main reason was, a dear friend of mine had ‘Lulu’ copyrighted before me… Well, her name is Lucille, and even on the first day of getting to know her, she introduced herself as Lulu… Gahhh… there goes my favorite nickname… hahahaha…

That’s me and Lucille (on the right) during Tsf Camp in 2006

So why am I bringing ‘Lulu’ out of closet again? Just simply because it fits me best, and Lucille is in Wellington instead of Auckland.. and I could be the first Lulu in Auckland!!!!!! *silly laughter*

I know I’m quite full of myself at this moment… hahahaha… just being Felicia, the lulu *winks*

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