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Sydney at its best! (Day 3)

April 5, 2009
Finally, a day with pure good weather! Oh yeaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

It’s time to make our presence known in the city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All geared up, the girls started another wacky adventure of theirs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Guide To A Wholesome Sydney Exploration During Summer

First stop – The infamous harbour bridge and the opera house~

Lesson 1: Get a gelato

Lesson 2: Dress ‘summery’

Lesson 3: Bring cameras and shoot away

Lesson 3.5: Do not say ‘no’ to an old couple who offered to take a picture of you even though you have companions who can do it for you… Just comply and make them happy…

photo taken by the kind old couple
Lesson 4: Don’t be shy when posing for the camera.. No one knows you and no one cares… In the end, its the pictures taken, and the memories captured that matter.

Lesson 5: Apply TONNES of sunblock if you prefer vanilla rather than caramel~

Second Stop – the Park and the Church (Can’t even remember the names……. uh ohh..)

Lesson 6: Master the umbrella and protect the skirt during windy days…

wira *turn around*
pinky *save ur ass*

Lesson 6.5: Do not talk about ass, panties, and holes loudly and shamelessly without realising an old man was chuckling away behind………….. -.-”’

Lesson 7: Pose for more pictures

Lesson 7.5: Wait for the hot-looking jogger and ask him to take picture for you 😉

pic taken by the shy, but hot guy… even though it didn’t come out as good, it’s the effort that matters 😉

Lesson 8: Just have fun and be silly =P

Third stop – the Restaurant! (if you haven’t realised, i’m bad with names…)

Lesson 9: Camwhore while waiting for food

Lesson 10: Eat and be merry

Lesson 11: Go for a nice stroll after dinner

Lesson 12: Do not wear too ‘summery’ if you will be out till late… You might be the next marilyn monroe

Lesson 12.5: Do not curse about the weather and the skirts so loudly without realising a few passersby were laughing to their hearts’ content…

Basically, that day has been a humiliating day at its best… We managed to humiliate ourselves so many times that we were even surprised by our ability to humiliate ourselves……. hahahahaha…. I guess only the girls will remember those moments for a long long while……………
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