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The Misadventures of the Five Super Gals – Day 1

April 5, 2009

Had a lovely start for the day today, so was in the mood to blog… while savouring prefectly sweet, seedless, Chile grapes, I was flicking through my many photos of my OZ trip… *pause*… aha… Thus i found the topic of my new entry!

To start off, let me just give a brief background information about the purpose of the trip.

Well, long long time ago (4 years to be, a group of 130 innocent beings were caught and trained in this secret faculty called IPBA…
In order to make us into tough individuals, they put us in termites-infested apartments, cramping 12-14 of us in a dorm with only 2 working toilets.
In order to make us fast, they post time sheets on the special wall at random hours, and have us push around, run through shortcuts, and play dirty just to put our names on our preferred time slots.

To promote survival of the fittest, they cramp all assignments due dates to a same period of time, and have us struggle and fight our fatigue, and see who can survive….

Well, amidst those trials and tribulations, a group of girls stood together, side by side, helping each other through those inhumane experiences…

BUT!!!! These group of girls, were later separated into two different continents of the world, just because the “Administrators” sensed their strength and power… and ability to lead a rebelion…

Even so, distance was never a problem… Not especially when girl powers are involved… This is a story of how powers were united, chaos were created, when Super Wira and Super Lulu, flew over 2153.61km to rejoin Super Chong-ee, Super Popo, and Super Pinky!!!!

Introducing… the main characters…

from the city of sails,
Super Wira
Super Lulu (me ;p ) from the harbour city,

Super Chong-ee

Super Popo and Super Pinky _______________________________________________________________ Let the tales of the misadventures begin…. Day 1

Super Wira and Super Lulu were super excited!!! The thoughts of painting the town red with the gals drove their adrenaline high… and images of seeing the girls shriek and wave frantically in the airport, put smiles on their faces….

Or so they thought…

They reached the airport with beaming smiles… Went to the nearest toilet to freshen up.. Then marched to the arrival hall in style……..

“Eh, mana pompuan-pompuan tu???”

Instead of a fantasy welcoming like this…

… we had strange stares from people holding cards written with “Welcome Caroline” or some random korean names…. *clears throat*…. Couldn’t have been better…

Later, Super Lulu decided to text Super Chong-ee… And within minutes, some estatic screaming voices were blaring from my phone…

To cut the story short, the girls were happy that we arrived, they apologized for being late due to train delays, they reassured us that they love us to bits, they tried to coax us to wait for 1 more hour, and they tried to bribe us with a free Mcdonald meal…… hahahahaha…. Oh well, there’s nothing we could do, but to bitch about them being so mean to us while waiting….

and camwhoring seems to be a fun activity…. followed by spacing out….

well… they did arrived after 1 hour…. and they were like waving, and screaming, and being all excited… while the two of us were just staring at them lazily from our seats…. *hmmm… seems like the roles had been*

But still, we managed to fill the trains and the buses with our loud, sampat, Manglish throughout our journey to Marsfield… To be honest, Super Wira and Super Lulu has actually turned mild and civilised during their stay in Auckland (due to the influence of their super goodey seniors), but the other girls didn’t seem to have change much (looking at Diren, its pretty much understandable)… and we actually got a cultural shock…hahahaha…..

So for the first night, it was just about settling down for the day…

Super Chong-ee and Super Popo cooked up a feast for us…

and we thought the day would end peacefully……..

or so i thought…….

That night was raining heaviliy and it got pretty chilly at night… So Super Lulu decided to turn on the heater in Iner’s room (we managed to have a room each cause our babes, Iner and Farizah are in Brisbane and lent us their beautiful rooms)…

Little did i know that the heater was actually faulty… some burning smell came out of it… and the next thing i know… the freaking FIRE ALARM was blaring like nobody’s business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super Lulu was panicking as her friends were like staying a few blocks away and she kept having pictures of fire engines surrounding her room and a big whip of 2000 bucks will be gone just like that…. it was definitely NOT COOL…………

Super Lulu tried to grab her senses and frantically opened up all d windows to let the smoke disperse, pulled out the heater from the power, n fanned the smoke detector…Finally d crazily loud alarm stopped after 10 not-so-cool minutes… when Super Lulu called up Super Chong-ee, she apologized for forgetting to inform about the heater…. At least my 2000 bucks were still safely intact with me……

And I couldn’t sleep in peace that night……………

What a way to start of our misadventures…….. hahahahahaha……… And that was just Day One…. 😉

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