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Last day in Sydney!!! ‘Animals and Hotties’ – Watchin’

April 6, 2009

For this entry, I will let the pictures do most of the talking..Lol…

Once again, the gals embarked on their journey of surprises and fun..

They sailed across the sea to reach their destination… First Stop – Taronga Zoo~

After 20 minutes, they reached their ‘home’…..

and found their long-lost family…

and had a reunion with cuddly Nana Koala…

Made a few new friends..

Then, it was time to bid goodbye… *sob*……

After 2 minutes of emoness……..

BONDI BEACH!!!!!!!!! Here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the gals

the funeral service of the poor crab…

the camwhoring

the lucky NING-ko

the super lucky NING-ko

Chong-ee and I

All the pretty ladies
(who says we need to be clad in bikinis or few tiny pieces of cloth to look good on the beach?)

the ‘mei tuis’ (translation: Pretty legs)

the happy beach-goers


After hard-out partying in the beach, its time to say goodbye… (the wind was getting really chilly too…)

while Wira gets away with nice and pretty poses….

They always ask me to do the silliest poses….. hahahahaha….

Well, the day ended with a great note…

Dinner was….

…………….. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
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