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Sydney – Day 4

April 6, 2009

Day 4 was a slightly for relaxing day..

Popo had to work, so Chong-ee had to babysit Wira and I… And she did her job so well! *hugz*

We had fresh seafooooooooood… YUM!

We had some casino royale moments… (with the not-hot-but-a-bit-gatal security guy trying to flirt with us… -.-”)

This pic was taken by a poor guy whom we ambushed (he looked so shy and…somewhat scared… while his friends were busy giggling away…haih… what’s so funny anyway?) outside the casino

We had some ridiculously cheap souvenir shopping (too busy buying stuff and neglected the camera..hehehe)

And, we rejoined Popo after work.. at Macquarie Centre…

*scratches head* what else happened??? Searching for traces of memories in this tiny brain of mine………..

The following is not in sequence…

We were scolded by the lady bus driver who got annoyed by the sudden screaming of the girls after i said something silly… She actually stopped the bus just to give us a word or two… goshhhh…. *malu siren ringing*

Wira was told off by an old man when we were about to leave KFC… To be exact, his words were ‘your skirt can’t get any shorter huh…*malu siren ringing again*

Our bus was bombarded by 10… i repeat 10 transport officers (don’t know what are they called exactly… Those that just hop in and out of buses to check whether passengers purchased the right tickets instead of mis-using concessions)….. Heng… We were safe….

Met Sabrina on our way back and she joined us in the bus… But due to Sabrina’s over-enthusiasm in her story-telling, the lady who sat opposite her rose up to change her seat!!!!! *malu siren went crazy!!!!!*

aigoooo…. That’s Day 4 for you

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