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Last entry on OZ adventures

April 15, 2009

Gahhh… can’t imagine how busy as well as how lazy one could get… All of a sudden, I no longer feel the oomphhh to finish my traveling stories in OZ as I have so many other agendas which I felt like blogging about…

But somehow… it feels incomplete… and I wouldn’t wanna end up doing things the ‘chicken-chicken-shit’ way…

Ohhhhh… Dilema dilema… *emo moment*

So, I’ve decided to just kinda ‘summarise’ the rest of the trip in brissy with my wonderful collection of pictures, and just highlight some interesting happenings… Hmm.. Let’s see how it goes 😉

Well, as recommended by everyone else, we embarked our jouney to Movie World in Gold Coast.

Armed with our ‘illegal’ concession cards, consumed tasty pancakes prepared by sweet lil kelsey, we left Brisbane with high spirits…

Only to experience delays, lots of waiting, asking around, going to the wrong stop, asking around again, finally got onto the right bus, and reached our destination 2 hours later than we planned to… All because of err… wrong information provided by our Brissy friends… Haih…

Even so, we buckled up ourselves and rushed towards the colorful, fantasy land…

After some fun…

Disappointment stepped in…

We saw Tweety (the 1st mascot we came across), got super excited, and ran with all our might, only to be told when we reached our turn that Mr Tweety aint taking any more pictures as his session is OVER!!!

We were just like… WTH!

Then we looked around, and all the freaking mascots were GONE!!! You should have seen our expressions, we looked so… d.e.v.a.s.t.a.t.e.d… Almost in tears really, as we thought due to our unexpected delay, we missed the parade and photography session with the mascots… How can our trip in Movie World be perfect if we can’t even take a picture with that cute, witty, yellow bird called Tweety???

After a while, we decided to kick some ass, and not feel sorry for ourselves anymore… So we tried to have fun…


I saw a hot lady, wrapped up in black latex, holding a whip, and posing on a black sedan…

“Babes!!! Catwoman is over there!!!!!!!!!!!”

I yelled so loudly, we shrieked in ecstasy, and we sped over not caring about our ‘ladylike image’… *clears throat*

After that, things just got better and better…

don even know what they are… but at least they are in costumes! LOL…

and scooby-scooby doo……

we became the new prodigies of gotham city warriors…
Then it was time for the parade.. we waited at the centre court 30 minutes before the parade so that we could get a good spot… (ain’t not gonna miss it for anything!)

The best part of the day…

When hunky Batman passed by, Poh Lin and I just screamed “Batman! Batman!” like freaking 14 year old girlish teens…. and… he turned around, looked at us, came over, and shook our hands!!! Gosh… I’ve never seen 21 year olds giggling in such pure delight, as this disapproving mom on the side watches the whole scenario… But hey, his lips does look hot k (well, we can’t exactly see the rest of his parts…LOL)

…And that was Movie world ^o^

That same night, Nisa decided to teach us roller skating..

It was painfully fun.. oh well..

And there was a surprise after that. Nisa even prepared fireworks! OOOOoooo…. That’s definitely a good host and party planner!

Of course we just have to have more craziness…

Hence, our day ended sparkling~

Next day.
Itinenary: Shopping in Harbour Town.

Needless to say, it was kinda the best time we had throughout our trip… Well, which girl can refuse retail therapy? ooo… Bliss….

We were so occupied with our shopping that there was no time to take pictures… duh…

At least we managed to take a picture at the end of our shopping.. Can u believe, we shopped till the shop closes… Coz they closed freaking early! 5.30pm? Man… Missing late night shopping in Malaysia…

Then, our ‘REAL’ adventure began…

We got onto the train, sat comfortably, and was prepared for a long hour plus ride.. Some of us were dozing off, some were just listening to music…

Abracadabra… Pinky saw the ‘concession officers’ (I’m sure they have a proper title…lol) at the other carriage… And man, did we panic. It doesn’t seem like the train was stopping anytime soon, and we definitely don’t look like the pictures of our friends on the student id card (I’m sure we don’t wear head scarves… hmmm…) We just went like ‘oh my God (repeatedly)’ and ‘we’re gonna get the fine!’

Then, a miracle happened.

The group of boys just before us seemed to have some problems with their tickets and hence the officers were slightly delayed from reaching me (as I was the nearest to the officers). And, the train stopped after 20 minutes of not stopping…

Without any cue, (erm.. Pinky did shouted ‘let’s get out..’) we held fast to our shopping bags and ran out from the train, only to see we were joined by several youngsters as well… LOL… It was so obvious that we all had problems with our tickets… Hahahahahaha…

It was definitely a ‘prison break moment’ with all the intensity and excitement… we didn’t care we had to wait for nearly 30 minutes for another train, we were just thankful that we excaped the FINE!


Alas, another day came by.

Wira’s friend – Christine and her aunt served as our host for the day.

They brought us to Mount Tamborine, Surfer’s Paradise, and Christmas deco house watching.
I’m getting lazy..Lol… So just let the pictures tell the stories…

Mount Tamborine

Surfer’s Paradise

and more craziness from the trio

what are pinkies for?

House watching

The day ended with Nisa’s yummy laksa, and crazy karaoke session.. It was my last night, so we went all the way to enjoy that day.


Finally, it was time to bid goodbye to my dearies…

The Trio will definitely make a comeback.

Till then… =)

Farewells are sad, people are leaving,
Yet memories last in minds of ours.
Hearts are glad, the future outing,
The day will come, sunshine or showers.
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  1. kyox permalink
    April 15, 2009 4:07 pm

    well the green one is the green lantern, while the red one is The Flash..lolz…i wish i was there~

  2. FeLiciap7 permalink
    April 15, 2009 7:21 pm

    oooooo… Hahahaha… finally there’s someone to inform me their names… Thanks 😉 Well u can come over if u want…Lol..

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