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Wake up call, by a feisty woman!

April 17, 2009
My eyes are terribly runny… Gosh, it has been a while since I have been so touched and moved within minutes…

All because i came across a feisty lady, a true talent, an inspiring role model~

Susan Boyle, a 48 year-old spinster who claimed she never had a boyfriend neither being kissed before, decided to get on with her guts and performed on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, as a tribute to her late mother.

Dressed in a plain beige dress, with scruffy hair and eyebrows of crayon shin chan, she wobbled to the stage uncomfortably in her heels, while receiving ridiculed looks from both the audience and the judges.

I love it when she declared that her age was only ‘one side of her’, as it shows that she clearly knows that she has more to what is seen!

Just when she told Simon that she wanted to be as successful as Broadway star Elaine Paige, immediately we were given screen shots of ‘yea right, ugly wannabe’ from the audience. (i guess the teen girl who was caught giving ‘the look’ must be pretty pleased to gain fame from the popularity of the video circulating worldwide… Lol..)

well… Have a look at the video, and see for yourself what is this hype all about.. Make sure you have tissues nearby though 😉

(as the video for some reason does not allow embedding, please click on the link below, and be blessed~)

Judge Amanda Holden couldn’t have put it better.

” I am so thrilled because I know that everybody was against you. I honestly think that we were all being very cynical and I think that’s the biggest wakeup call ever. And I just want to say that it was a complete privilege listening to that.”

It is so true that everyone was so judgemental… Looks were definitely the first impression as the media had corrupted everyone with the concept of artificial beauty, encouraging everyone to pursue the looks of a Victoria Secret model or someone ‘worthy’ to be a Playmate~

Ads of slimming products, blemish control, spa and beauty, gym membership, breast enhancement, cosmetics, plastic surgery… all scream at us, telling us that we are far from being perfect, we are filled with defects, and we need to CHANGE our looks to please others around us!!!

At a time of pure materialism, Susan Boyle came out, and shook the world that was obsessed with physical beauty and appearances, contradicted Hollywood that has been promoting stardom comes with beauty, and proved that one can always own the dream despite not having barbie looks!

Furthermore, she even inspired so many others to keep on pursuing your dream, putting aside fear of rejection, ridicule by others, or even your aging age! True talent survives through all circumstances.

Therefore I always find it ridiculous that pretty women over 25 can be too old to be a top model! Eh, older women also need to wear clothes! So why can’t they have women of their age model appropriate clothes for them?

As much as I enjoy watching fashion runways, there are times when i feel like strangling the ‘mastermind’ who inculcated the perception that size 0 is pretty! I don’t want to look like aliens or walking sticks to be ‘approved’ of my worth and value!

And to all the brainless beings out there who just had to leave nasty comments about Susan Boyle, such as ‘get some tweezers’ and ‘slim down, bitch’… Well, she is the one blessed with an incredible voice, viewed more than 16 million times worldwide, and has many big recording labels fighting for her.. Try to beat that you shallow-minded morons!

Learn to embrace yourself, and don’t just dream, but OWN it!

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  1. ah^kam_koko' permalink
    April 17, 2009 4:58 pm

    Sometimes we are reminded of what is truly important via miracles like these…
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. kyox permalink
    April 18, 2009 4:03 am

    wow~~at 1st i thought what u mean by a wake up call is something awful and nasty(judged by her look), but then, WOW!!!!! sure do learn not to judge a lady from her appearance~~wakakaka…she will bite! OUCH!

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