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New start..*breathes in*… ahh…

June 22, 2009
Hit a rough patch a few days ago… Won’t blog about it since I have finally decided to let it go for good… Why? Because I realised there are so much more beautiful reasons for me not to dwell on it, and I’m so so so excited about my new resolutions, revelations, and phase of life…

Yup Yup, I’m gonna put a lot of things behind me and start anew… Please do pray for me as I take this new step in life =)

Yesterday was a day with mixed feelings…

I was extremely happy…
When Kelsey spotted a perfect pair of boots for me at a crazily good deal…
When Amy, Sharmyn, Kelsey and I dug into the array of pork, roasted duck, king prawns, and tofu in bbq king.
When daddy called.
When Sze Wei, Lilly, Joy and I let go all ‘ayuness’ and sang, danced, swayed to the songs of old times *mental reminder to get the pictures from Sze Wei, and stop her from uploading videos of yesterday which could stain my already-stained-and-well-known-luluness-personality-yet-i’m-in-denial-thinking-that-i’m-a-goddess-wth image.*
When L joked.
When Kelsey and I had our many pillow talk sessions.

Then came the sad part…
When I have to see Kelsey leave…
Missing her already… Was happy to see the once-fragile-little-girl-who-seem-like-she-could-be-blown-away-by-the-wellington-wind-and-might-not-be-able-to-reach-auckland-in-one-piece transforming into a lovely, young lady with passion, faith, and strength. That small frame of hers went through so much trials and tribulations, yet seeing her able to maintain that sweetness and innocence of hers was a breath of fresh air, and a new driving force for me =)

To the little sweet girl, I want to let you know that your stay with me was indeed some of the best days of mine in Auckland, and I love you so much I could squeeze you till there’s no more fat left lingering in your body *except for the moments you kept reminding me that i’m gaining weight*…lol…

What’s up next?

I got involved in the Brighter Future Musical, which I believe that it’s gonna be a cool experience for me in the last days of Auckland!!! Will be helping out in the choreo of some items, such as the eco-living song… Scratching my head hard to incorporate stomp, dancing with green bags and recycleable items, videos, mime + hip hop + lyrical dance, and lots more into 7 minutes!!! *scratch scratch scratch*

Then, after getting my credit card on wednesday, I could do further bookings for our long-awaited road trip that’s gonna be so crazy we might end up in jail… or maybe not…lol… *finally applied for a credit card after living here for so long just to do online bookings… man…* Worth every penny of the $25 annual fee… things i do for my babes =)

ok… its 8.26 am now… have been awake since 3.20am to send kelsey off…

Perhaps its time to roll around the bed and hide under the soft covers till I could sleep like a dead log… *hmm… sounds like a good plan…*

Have been in love with this song, sang in church…

“We will overcome… By the blood of the Lamb, and the Word of our testimony… Everyone, overcome…”
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  1. Blue8ple permalink
    June 26, 2009 2:11 pm

    Babe.. I feel really loved when I was in Auckland too.. And I feel so happy seeing you have found your long deserved happiness..

    Thanks Felicia.. I love u.. Muackz..

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