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My dad says the darnest thing! ;)

June 24, 2009
Last night, dad called… We had our usual roll call (once every 2-3 days)… Dad asked whether I need more money… And, I as the filial daughter said no… After some gossip exchange and wise words, we both hang up…

Then, I went back to facebook and my online bookings… Looking at my newly-arrived glossy credit card, I decided to enlighten my friends about my new-found toy through my facebook status…

Went straight to bed after I was done with the day…


*Mercy me blared from my phone in the middle of the night*

I picked up the phone… ‘Ohh… a text from dad’

Girl, u got yrself a c card? Congratz. Question: why now?

Me, being all sleepy just replied

Have to do online bookins 4 my trip with my oz frens

2 more exchanges of texts… I resumed my snoring…..

Next day (aka today), dad called at 10 am… (5 am in Malaysia)…

*Note that he called me that early even though he had already called me the day before… I thought something bad happened…*

Here goes the conversation…

Me: Why are you calling me this early?

Dad: Haiyo, I got a shock yesterday ma.

Me: Huh? Why? About my credit card?

Dad: Ya lor… I thought you have some financial problems, didn’t dare to tell me when I asked you whether you need more money, and applied credit card to deal with your debts…

Me: Hahahahahaha… You think I got involved with ah long and loan sharks is it?

Dad: *chuckles* Yea… Mana tau not just ah long, got ah chong, ah boon… hahahaha…

Me: Aiyo, don’t worry k… I’m doing fine and I have money…

Dad: Ok lah… I just got a shock ma… You know lah you… Always keep things to yourself, and I have to find things out through your blog or facebook… Scare me only… Coz you never mentioned about credit cards then suddenly apply for one… hahahahaha

Me: Hahahaha… Ok lah… you should get ready for work…

Dad: Ahh… you take care yea.. Tell me if you need money… Love you girl.

Me: Love you too. Bye.

Ain’t I blessed to have a dad like that 😉

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  1. Afiqah Thalib permalink
    June 24, 2009 7:51 pm

    u sure do =)

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