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July 23, 2009

Woohoo… the shitzel nitzel is back!!! gosh… that sounds horrible… blame it all on my last 20 minutes of emptying my bowels and groaning in pain… oops… too much info.. =P

Seems like I have been gone forever… There’s so much to blog about… Yet i don’t really know where to start… And those 60+ movies, variety shows, gossip girls and how i met your mother in my external hard drive ain’t exactly helpful towards my penning efforts… -.-”’

Fine… now that i’m ‘back on track’ wth… what should i share?



Alright. Will just let all you folks have a glimpse of what my winter holidays was like… Not gonna start another travel blog like my previous attempt on my OZ trip – 1, 2, 3  which actually led me to a few travel advertorial offers… wth…   

BUT, thou shall have the ‘awesome’ privilege of peeking into the real life of Felicia, and her ‘partners in crime’… literally… lol… We don’t travel normally… like how normal people usually do… we terrorise… we humiliate ourselves… we practically cause havoc everywhere we go…

did i get your attention finally? hehehe…

Stay tune for the next entry!

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