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let the awesomeness begin…

July 23, 2009

Our trip, adventure, journey was nothing short of craziness…

Instead of giving full details of the total account… Here are 20 information that could summarise our trip and tarnish our image forever… wth… it’s not like we have one to start with.. lol…


and here goes the list…

1. The girls went into the haunted mansion in Spookers while L and I waited at the cafe. L went off checking out the place. While a ‘ghost’ decided to ‘mingle’ with me seeing I’m alone… He was a dumb ghost (dumb and dumber type), complaining to me that his boss would not pay him to scare people because he is dumb. I played along, teaching him how to demand his pay. L came back, and he joined in the fun. Later, it turned out that Mr dumb ghost was actually the owner of Spookers. He took off his mask and greeted us in a deep, strong, British voice. Seemed like a great guy. But then we realised that Chong (who didn’t know he’s the boss initially) grunted in front of him, ‘Oh my god, don’t tell me this is what we are paying for’………. -.-”’  ….. EPIC fail no. 1… lol

2. Do not underestimate the power of peer pressure… mannnnnn… I built up on my vocabulary during the trip… The P words are the IN thing now… F words, your time is up! *fingers-crossed that no Malaysians, Indonesians or Indians heard our many ‘intellectual’ conversations with the P words… lol*

Clue of word within picture…lol

3. We had a minor dispute with this indian dude working in Auckland museum. The entrance was based on donations from ‘willing’ visitors, and since we were technically poor students, we just wanted to go in for free like 90% of everyone else in the museum but that indian dude decided to make it hard for us… To add the salt into the wound, he’s not even cute… Mannn… such a waste of time… lol…

4. Have i mentioned that we were again scolded by an auntie working in the museum? Oohh… I haven’t? Well… It happened because of this…

she said it was inappropriate wo… *shrugs*… lol…

5. We were scolded again for having hot food in the bus… seriously… this scolding has got to stop… lol… Not like we listened anyway… Popo and pinks still ‘curi-curi’ eat the fried rice… hahahaha…. This would have been unimaginable in Malaysia… *Recalls the many times Popo and I have kfc snack plate in the bus, and filling the whole bus with the strong, tempting aroma of kfc… good times… lol…*

6. Throughout our whole trip, we used more Malay and Cantonese than English to communicate… Hahahaha… We just can’t stop the gossip blood within us ;P

7. Pinks fell deeply in love with an orang asal, orang asli aka a super hot maori dude. His level of hotness was oozing from his toes up… *clears throat*… when we were all focusing on the maori cultural performance, Pinks was busy observing something else… *clears throat*

let me know what you’re thinking about… lol…

8. On a more normal note… we saw a double full rainbow for the first time… It was so breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. The girls were rather paranoid the day before their many attempts to kill themselves…lol… And they made rather impressive verbal wills… Reassuring me that they love me a lot and that I can get their ipods, cameras, and everything they had on them…

But, they came back safe and sound from their bungy and skydiving… mannnnn…. i mean… praise the Lord… hahaha….

10. When a bag of cheese nachos fell apart, and chips were scattered everywhere and landed on some unique spots… *clears throat*… fret not! All we need is some doses of creativity, craziness, as well as extreme laziness to make chips-eating a great experience… lol…
*the pictures were too much of a censored-material which should not make their way to the public eye…. hahaha*

11. Putting four girls in a room is never a good idea. We had a karaoke session in the crappy backpackers in Taupo (the only crappy one we had), singing westlife at the top of our lungs… and had a group of guys knocking on our door, jeering and laughing… Mannnn….

12. We had a hot british dude driving us up to mt ruapehu. But the excitement ended there. His Holland gf follwed… *mumbles under our breaths…lol*

13. We decided to try our luck on getting youth fares instead of adults… Guess what? Our puppy dog eyes, and ‘soft, innocent’ reply got us four tickets worth $11 instead of $21!!! *victory dance*

14. Pinks invented the ‘victory dance’. A dance we do when we’re cold…. hahaha…

15. In order to further portray our ‘poorness’… 2 of us stole brought out  corndogs from Mt ruapehu’s cafe… *names will not be provided to protect my fellow*… So not only we saved on our sightseeing fee, we saved on lunch… mannnnnnnn… We even nearly succumbed to our dirty plans of stealing taking eggs… hahaha….

16. We had special encounters with kids. While Pinks had this thing of revenging a kid; chong, Popo and I helped to console a crying kid… We also helped save and deliver ski boards for a kid. And we were bombarded with love and questions by 3 Welsh kids during our lovely time at the spa… The girls got irritated after a long while of answering to questions like ‘what is your favorite color?’, ‘Is Malaysia in China?’, and other silly stuffs… I was the only one left to entertain them… They even followed us around when we switched pools… -.-”’  Well, we were thrilled when they told us that they thought we were teenagers though… and they guessed that Chong is 16… *Fireworks*

17. We had to sit through long lecture sessions of the importance of getting a good heater by Prof. Pinky Sandhu everytime we see a useless heater… hahahaha…. Oh yea, we even had to ‘steal with permission’, the heater from the communal kitchen in our lovely accommodation in napier… lol… *hey, we are people from the tropicals k…kekeke*

18. We looked fat and round in all our pictures. The normal routine of each day was to discuss how many layers of clothing should we put on before we leave the room. There were many moments when I was nearly raped for my super comfy kathmandu bubble jacket… lol…

19. We were scolded several times in wellington… Not something to be surprised about by now… hahaha… But poor arifah was dragged into her first scolding by a public stranger…. awwwwwwww….

20. We had girl talks like never before… talking about life, stuff you would only discuss with girl friends, relationships, future plans, memorable events, our future singapore and bali trips, sucky ipba, more gossips in cafes, restaurants, rooms, buses, attractions, shops, roads… This friendship is what I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world =)

Last but not least… a few more pictures to sum up our crazy misadventures~

in One word… we are simply….


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  1. Anonymous permalink
    July 24, 2009 12:55 am

    Got Scolded In Wellington?

    Why did you get scolded in Wellington?

    • Anonymous permalink
      August 5, 2009 8:43 am

      Re: Got Scolded In Wellington?

      hahaha… well, here’s 1 case scenario – we were sitting at d bus stop, a plumpy old lady passed by, our friend arifah stood up and offered her the seat, and she angrily replied, ‘do you think i’m that fat!’…….. -.-”’

  2. Anonymous permalink
    August 7, 2009 6:34 am

    love the pics
    awesome. =D
    LOOKS Like FUn

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