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August 5, 2009

I’m so mad at myself for being so inconsistent…

ok… I’m not exactly mad mad, just a tad lil not so happy la… i love myself, and i will do anything and everything to restore my self-esteem wth..

so why have i been so inconsistent?

1. Having a jumbled-up juke box or CDs-and-DVDs-scattered-all around-without-their-covers type of brain does not help in organising ideas for writing…

2. Too busy being lazy (Wira, 2009). Found that phrase perfect as an answer.

3. Being paranoid and over-thinking…….. T.T

4. Have been juggling a lot of projects…….

5. I’m just filled with abundant excuses…. Mannnnn…

That’s all for now. Can’t really write when i’m busy msn-ing… Gahhhhhhhh… I over-estimated myself as a great multi-tasker… *FAIL*

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