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Moi’s Column – Sex Education ;)

August 7, 2009

I have been paranoid… Like driving-people-nuts-type of paranoid… Blame it all on my hormones, as well as my extreme egocentrism @_@


The thing is, i had this extremely weird dream about me being a ‘Virgin Mary’.. Laugh all you want, but it was so freaking real, and I woke up sweating profusely… In those 8 hours, I had a horrible time arguing with the doctor about the impossibility of me, being a virgin yet getting pregnant, I was heavily criticized first, before becoming a national experiment – lying in the lab surrounded by weird looking scientists @_@ , my study contract got canceled because of the unwanted publicity i’m bringing to the government, i lost all privacy as i suddenly become more interesting than mariah carey dissing eminem and him dissing back or paris hilton flashing her underparts in parties………..

Ok… my dreams are as dramatic as my real-life… lol…

After awhile, i laid off that dream before being haunted by it again… My period was already 1 week late!!!! Could I be pregnant?????


As you can see, i’m quite the drama. I still tend to think that the world is my stage, and i’m the only real character in it… they have a term for it… it’s called egocentrism, but we are supposed to lose that after 7 wth…

I like to think that the impossible will always happen on me, or i’m so special that i must have some sort of misfortune that no one else have… For example, I got sick previously and had this abdominal pain everytime i cough. I googled it up and the results infer a possibility of appendictis. Immediately, it got stuck on my head and i totally convinced myself that i have appendictis, crawled up from bed, walked 20 minutes to the nearest hospital on a Sunday morning, and got turned out coz minimum consultation fee for a non-resident is a bloody $350!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How to fall sick like that?????? Can only fall sick on weekdays when Unihealth is open, and even so they always reschedule our appointment with the GP 3-4 days later. By then we would be either dead and buried or completely healed @_@

That’s not the point. In the end, my LG leader Sum Sum, who’s a doctor checked on me and told me it’s only some muscle strain from excessive coughing….. malu okay……..


Back to my period or pregnancy story…

Since my period actually came on the 8th day, i no longer need to fear the possibility of giving birth right before practicum june next year @_@. But, i realised i never quite understand my body… You see, I always thought that my period has been very irregular, and that i’m a freak. Science teacher taught us last time that our menstrual cycle should be 28 days… How come mine never conform to that??? Screw that teacher or the text book!!! After spending hours on the internet, reading up health articles… our menstrual cycle ranges from 20-45 days!!! So if one, for example me, have been having mine every 37 days consistently, i’m having regular period and i’m not a freak!!!! *sighs at all my sleepless nights of silly pregnancy fear…* lol…

Only then i realised, i really do not know my body very well. In fact, i never had any proper sex education, and usually build up on my own assumption of how certain things work…

Since I was on a go, I googled up something i thought was ridiculous, and my curiousity just kept going from there…

Will a virgin get pregnant without sexual intercourse?
Guess what. The answer is a bloody yes!!! Apparently, even if you’re lying with the opposite sex, pretty close together but with clothes on, and he gets an erection – his penis is already filled with semen, there is still a possibility that his swimmers can find a way to your vagina and make you pregnant!!!!!! Although they say its mostly unlikely and chances are definitely higher with actual sexual intercourse, but the chances are actually higher than what I would have expected… a Whopping 7%!!! I thought it would have been a 0.something sort of percentage. Doesn’t end there. There are actually cases of virgins being pregnanted without intercourse. As long as one extremely strong and lucky sperm manages to enter the vagina, the rest is history… In addition, clothes do not work as protection, neither does a never-been-penetrated-before hymen (also known as the virginity wall), that bloody sperm can still penetrate through…

There were of course many more interesting articles and facts that I came upon, but nothing quite beat this. So i thought it would be helpful to share… Hehe, where else are you gonna come across information like this right? lol… Don’t think even our parents know about such facts =P

By the way, i’m not making any of this up… Lol… I strongly suggest that when one have any doubts that need an answer, just google. And this is not a google adv. Lol…

Stay tune for more out-of-the-ordinary facts from Moi’s Column~ Mmuacckkkssssss

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    August 7, 2009 10:21 am


    Are you sure you got your stuff from respectable websites?

  2. August 7, 2009 1:23 pm

    Ooooooo…. I’m pretty amused at the 7% figure o_O

  3. Anonymous permalink
    August 8, 2009 10:21 am

    wow, we can get pregnant by lying next to a guy! interesting….

  4. Anonymous permalink
    August 14, 2009 2:10 pm

    There are many people in this world who are not as fortunate as you & I are…

    We have parents that care for us.
    And most importantly, we see & appreciate their efforts.

    Be sure to give them lots of love!

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