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i’m NOT a bore! lalalalala…

August 31, 2009

ok… i’m on a roll… for now… before my chicken shit cools down… *clears throat*

i know i haven’t been updating… and it’s NOT because my life has been boring… no no no.. it has actually been really eventful…
i’m totally blaming it on my lazy bugs… they conquered my body, took over my conscience (if i ever have one), and forced me to do the unspeakable – neglecting my poor blog (as usual i’m being my drama self)…

so this entry is mainly to show off so that i could keep telling myself that i’m not a bore… *blek*

We hang out in the Brewbar, a sweet treat by Con, our fav Mr Casanova aka makan & minum buddy~

I went to cirque de soleil – dralion, a delightful treat by Sonia, Alex’s mom who knows the main performer of the show. We even get to have dinner with the crew and watched the performance a second time, backstage.

I pratically fuss over and spent days and hours on chong’s birthday video and pinky’s birthday journal… (totally regretting for not taking a picture of the final product before posting them off to Sydney… stupid felicia… stupid stupid stupid…)

But here’s some prototype of Chong’s video… lol

I had gazillion assignments and tests… not something glamorous and fun…

I watched G.I. Joe and The Ugly Truth… (hmm… may do a post regarding my thoughts on The Ugly Truth…)

Our cohort had a photoshoot~

I had yummy Yum Char with L…

i know that’s probably too much for just the 2 of us… well… we do spoil ourselves sometimes… =P

I had 2-3 days of dance practices every week for the Brighter Future Musical, which is totally coming soon~ *Promo Promo*

I read 6 books from the Public Library… and finished them in 4 days… (i know… i’m a nerd… unbelieveable right?)

I have been stalking anything and everything that has 2pm in it…. *fangirl shaking pom poms*

The Dirty Eyed Girls parody is total EPIC…kekekeke…

Oh yea… and G Dragon too~

I have been following the latest Korean Dramas, due to my fibre optic internet connection… I usually watched the episodes hours after they are aired in Korea… lalalalala… Currently following My Fair Lady and Dream… but both shows are kinda losing its momentum @_@

and Project Runway USA season 6 + Models of the Runway too! I follow Project Runway Australia too…

How could I forget Top Chef USA season 6???

Mannnn… now im sounding like an old lady in a bun, stroking the cat, eyes glued on the tv/dvd while eating chinese takeaway…….. @_@

Great. Instead of showing everyone how productive I am, I just showed how much a no-lifer I am… *blehhhhhhhh*




But those shows are real good though…………


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