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me is unique!

September 4, 2009

Many agreed that i’m their source of entertainment… *cleats throat*… mainly because i have no qualms against embarrassing funny-sizing  myself… as well as my over the top drama-ness… @_@

Oh yea, and my unique statements often stand out… not necessary for the right reasons wth.

(names are protected so that no one can accuse me of blasphemy, image sabotage, and unwanted publicity, and also to show that the focus is on me, Me, and ME!!! and i’m vain like that wth)

Scenario 1
(on the phone)
QQ: Hey, have you heard about WW and YY? That’s so gross! Like how on earth did that happen?
Me: Wait! I’m in the middle of pang sai-ing.
QQ: Ewww… You’re so gross!

Scenario 2
SS: Hey, long time din chat with you liao. How are you?
Me: Just lao sai-ed but I’m alive. Thanks.

Scenario 3
(teaching choir singing)
Me: Okay, I want you all to keep quiet and listen to XY and TH sing. Don’t make a sound. Don’t try to be funny. And if you dare to fart, suck it up!

Scenario 4
Me: Research has shown that students from chinese schools are introverts hence I’m an introvert.
All: *Laughs*
Me: @_@

Scenario 5
Me: Dear, i think i forgave GG liao.
AA: Huh? how could you? GG’s a B*#@$.
Me: Well, I was really angry with GG till I can’t shit. Like ‘kok zhu kok zhu’ like that. But since I shitted seven times today. I think i forgive GG lo.
AA: @_@

Scenario 6
(in my IPBA dorm room)
Me: (annoucing loud and clear) I’m going to pang sai ah!!!!
Dormmates: Do you really have to announce it everytime you go to the toilet????!!!!!
Me: *chuckles*

7 minutes later…

Me: It’s semi slimy and semi solid today!!!
Dormmates: Arghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

ok… maybe i’m just gross… Lol…

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Anonymous permalink
    September 5, 2009 7:17 am

    You’re Great To Have Around!

    Having a friend like you makes life so very colourful!

    • Anonymous permalink
      September 5, 2009 7:19 am

      Re: You’re Great To Have Around!

      That was me by the way…

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