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Public Enemies

September 7, 2009

The enemy of the year would have to be the stupidest course of the year – LINGUIST 307!!!!!!

Tell me la how is learning memorising about the history of the English language or even the accent areas of Britain and Ireland has any relevance to what i’m gonna do in the future!!!!!!

Best part of all, we are forced, i repeat, forced to take this course because international students = BIG BIG Money, and no international students = NO Money = No one else taking this subject = No job for the professor… Despite years and years of students’ evaluation, stating in great depths of how they find this subject totally useless; we, the Malaysian Government scholars are still made to have this as our core paper!!!!!!!!!

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t even mind if I fail this paper, even though it would mean my first academic failure… that shows how much I hated this paper and how frustrated and helpless I felt having to endure the many assessments of this paper!!!!

*Stabs, stomps, slams, and rolls over the textbook*

Today has been frustrating in a few ways…

For those who didn’t know, I have been participating in the Brighter Future Musical. The team has been working so hard, well at least most of us, and we are doing this for a good cause. Hey, we aren’t paid at all for all the many hours, days, weeks, and months of preparation k… The only thing I really hope from this experience is actually the support from people I truly cared, or people who matters. Instead, excuses flooded in one by one. From a relatively huge number of promising supporters, disappointment came knocking on my door my text inbox or msn every single day. I swear some even wish that I wouldn’t bring up any reminder of it during our meetings or conversations. It would be the biggest lie of all if I said I wasn’t affected by it at all… It hurts… a lot…

Of course i have to compose myself, and try to be understanding. They have other priorities, and some others perhaps, couldn’t care less… Maybe my expectations of them were a lil too high? Or are they?

I don’t regard them as enemies. They are of course still friends of mine. This post was supposedly to be solely on my eternal hatred towards LINGUIST 307. I guess my hormones took over @_@

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    September 10, 2009 12:41 pm

    See, I told you!
    You should have enrolled in Victoria University of Wellington!

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