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September 9, 2009

I thought this day would turn out insignificant, and that I would be the worst person in the whole wide world to let this special day pass by in vain.

Then, Sze Wei texted and invited us to a dinner gathering. Can i hear a ‘woohoo’???!!!! Lol.

Dinner turns out to be great as we stuffed our faces with thin-crust italian pizzas and caladone at That’s Amore…

and sinfully delicious Giapo ice-cream to round up the whole experience =D

The only thing missing to this wholesome experience – there were 8 of us, just one extra person we could push further this 090909 thingy  wth…

Still waiting for pictures from Kevin. But in order to prove to Kevin that it is NOT a malaysian thing to take pictures of food, and I do post pictures OTHER THAN FOOD on my blog *breaths in bretahes out…. fuhhhhh*, I’m gonna post pictures of the lovely team who rampaged the streets of Queen Street tonight 😉

Kevin and Sze Wei – the lovebirds

Sophie the sweet pie and apparently my friendly facebook stalker… lol… (its mutual)

Lina the 24/7 hyper kiddo and Lilly the ever-composed sweetie

and the poser-ready ME! huhuhu…

Sorry Richard and Rachel, I don’t have your pictures… Will update them when I get the remainder pics from the lovebirds yea~

I had fun. ^o^

p/s. so happy that joy, fandi, and sophie are coming to BFM~ Thanks Sze Wei for being a great PR… hehehe…


pp/s. am loving Kevin’s Tee ;P

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