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Before reality strucks~

September 17, 2009

I had a really really good day today!!!

I got my laundry done, pressed and folded.

I whipped my pig sty room back into shape. (and found a whole bunch of brown hair on the ground… who’s hair is that? are they mine? OMGOMGOMG!!!!! I’m balding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I had an interesting experience during The Box Woman theater performance, which is basically made up of only 3 performers that combined elements of street theater, circus language, and emphasised the Indian culture of the Amazon. It was so simple, but the impact was amazingly overwhelming. It was also a one-on-one experience, leaving each of us stunned beyond words.

Looking into the box to see the Lady and hear her special prophecy is rather mind-blowing~

Then, I had an amazing lunch/dinner with L at Nando’s – and we walloped a whole chicken and 2 small sides between us. Damn, that meal was evil…

We watched Up too… It’s amazingly heart-warming and ridiculous in many ways, yet it was so rich with memorable events and had various meaningful portrayal of values and lessons… The cinema was filled with laughter as well as a tear or two slipping off from our eye wells…

Really don’t want this day to end… As reality is gonna struck too… 3000 word essay… GET AWAY!

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