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September 17, 2009

Ok.. I’m gonna sound like a meanie… with horns….

Thoughts of whether I should blog about this has been hogging in and out of my mind… In the end I was like WTH… This is MY blog – my place to rant anyway… So I’m just gonna be mean, if that means being honest with my thoughts…

A lovely lady, the key character of our play just sprained her leg days before our last performance. Many showed concern, many fussed around her, and many suggestions were put into planning for the alternatives, eg making a parody, changing the storyline, switching characters around just to accommodate with her injury… Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely no offense with that lady, and this has nothing to do with jealousy at all (I know I’m an attention-seeker but won’t stoop down to that level wth). She’s sweet, totally adorable, didn’t whine about her sprained ankle, and she has been hopping around to avoid straining her ankle. What gets into my nerves is actually how people fussed around her, which sort of exaggerated the whole situation unnecessarily…

I may sound like a bitch already, but to be perfectly honest, a sprained ankle is nothing. When you have to be professional, pain as such should totally be overcame, and you just suck it up and do your best. For our 1st two performances, I have been performing with bruised knees (from constant falling on knee during pratices), a sprained ankle (I fell down when I was trying to get my bag from the top of the cupboard and twisted my ankle when my soles hit the metal edges of my bed), and a burnt foot (accidentally stepped on and tripped over the iron which dropped on the floor, and it was still bloody hot). But i never bothered to make a huge fuss out of it (except for blogging about it now), cause I just want to be professional, reduce the burdens of the team, and give it my whole shot. In 2005, I got into a road accident when I was on the bike, resulting in me hurting my back 2 days before a major concert, yet I still bit on my lips, and did the show. Billy Chang, the lead performer for Dralion, hurt his feet during an accident on stage which required immediate medical treatment, had to bear the pain in order not to let down the team, and perform on sold-out shows in Mexico. So what the FISH is a mere sprained ankle???

Doesn’t matter whether my ranting makes any sense. I don’t even know what I’m expecting from this rant. Perhaps, nothing. But it still feels good to rant nonsensically… And to let my thoughts enter a channel of fresh air.

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