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Blue Love – EDITTED

September 28, 2009

EDITTED: Thanks Mr B for compensating an amount for my loss =) Even though I told you it was alright, you were adamant, and truthfully speaking, I was grateful ~ Thanks again o!

Have been eating healthy…

…. errm… once in a while la…..

but most of the time, i’m transforming into a pig… a cute one *clears throat*… by devouring sinful desserts…

like this…


Well, Fab Sab had made her mark in Auckland… literally…. Lol…

and this is the effect of having 2 girls in a small room…

Mannn… Looks like we are having some sort of garage sale… Couldn’t be helped as Fab Sab actually brought her whole year worth of make up and skin care products… I’m not even joking… Tell me who actually brings a BIG bottle of baby lotion (i think it’s around 600 ml) and a travel size one too??? LOL…

OK… Enough of detouring, now to the main focus of this entry…

I believe many would have known by now my lament over my poor 5 month-old camera… How I thought I actually saved it, but how it actually failed me in the end… Well, my baby Exy died a painful, piercing death..

Didn’t realise the crack in the lens until it suddenly blacked out, and I checked the lens by zooming them to the max…


I was so distraught… like seriously……. With my finances getting tighter than my jeans, having something worthed 300 plus of my hard-earned new zealand dollars crashed for good … You get the deal…

I tried to hold my tears when I called up daddy and mummy to break the news to them… The last thing I really want is to let them know of my lacking, and my misfortune… I guess when one tries to be an adult, one can’t easily sweep off that silly ego…

Thank God for amazing parents, they were so supportive and encouraging… and without any hesitation, they gave me the green light to get a new one, using the money they have been saving up for me consistently every month… Eventhough I was extremely happy, my ‘adult ego’ sort of took over for a moment, as I felt shy having to ask for money at this age of mine… Haih… Sometimes I do hope I could start working my ass off so that I could actually lessen my parents’ burden…(bet my dad will be greatly pleased about this statement and start browsing for a new SUV…lol)

It’s weird really… Both my previous cameras (my first one was a Samsung and the second one was the Casio) were broken because of some accidents by my friends… The former because my friend borrowed it for a trip to Genting, and returned me with the lens cracked and filled with scratches… Best part, that friend of mine acted as if nothing happened, and I didn’t even confronted her about it but pretended that I’m so cool about it, while trying to hide the damage from my parents and lived without a camera *hits old me hard on the head!*

As for the latter, it was kinda explained in my old entry…


After submitting my assignment, i went camera hunting! With the help from L, and me browsing through Price Spy and Camera Reviews… I got myself a new blue baby!

Canon Ixus 95IS!!! Or known as Canon Ixy 110IS (for the Japanese model)

Nothing fancy, basic, has image stabilizer, and produces really sharp and clear images!!!

As much as I fell in love with Sony T90 or T900, my logical sense came to me and forbid me from splurging 600-700 bucks just to satisfy my expensive cravings… Besides, camera depreciates fast, and one can never be up-to-date with the latest model and technology forever… Hence practicality, as well as appropriate budget come first!!!

Presenting my new baby~

Dad asked me whether this camera is falling-off-stairs-proof @_@

Well, seems like I gotta reduce eating out and entertainment activities for the next few months…

*glance at national bank online account*


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  1. Anonymous permalink
    September 28, 2009 1:39 pm

    Well… you should take extra care of your new camera then & DONT BORROW IT TO OTHER PEOPLE NO MATTER HOW FRIEND FRIEND YOU ARE WITH THAT PERSON!!!

    • September 29, 2009 5:50 am

      hehehehe… yea.. will guard this baby of mine with my life~

      btw, i think its ‘lend’…huhu….

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