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Can’t think of an interesting title so see for yourself…Lalala…

October 1, 2009

We went sailing! In the City of Sails!

Tell me you’re envious… huhuhu…. *slaps self*

All in all it was a great 3 hours… Before we were thrown back into the horrible reality of EDUC 348 due the next day @#&^*%

Anyway, let’s just recall the good ol’ parts 😉

Sze Wei called me the weather girl @_@ just because I started the habit of checking the weather website everyday… its’ one of the very rare good habits that I picked up from L ok…

Anyway, the weather girl aka me told them the weather is gonna be fantastic.

Then it rained @#^$&%*

…and I lost my credibility…

only for a moment…


as the skies brightened up shortly after, leaving us the greatest weather of the entire rainy week!!!! Woohooo!!!!

So what do you do on a yatch for 3 hours?

1. The girls went goo goo gah gah over our hot skipper. The skipper from our opponent looks like a ‘nelayan’, (quote from someone from our yatch…lol) Have I mentioned that we were divided into 2 teams to race one another? Have not? Lalalalalala… Well now you know… Let’s continue…

2. Camwhored, camwhored, squeezed into any pictures possible, and automatically posed when we saw a camera… Well, we are a bunch of attention seekers that’s why we are becoming teachers (so that we could have 50 students fixated on us – that’s the ideal case by the way ..swt)

3. Had yummy Nasi Goreng Nyonya and Coke underneath the warm sun while we smoothed on the waters… Mannn, that’s the life of the rich and famous…ahhhhhh…. (they might have a better menu though, those with names we can’t even pronounced…lol)

4. Listened to Faris singing ‘We are sailing’ passionately. Yea, we just listened and stared at him. We didn’t join in. Lol…

5. Watched sceptically while Con did his magic tricks. We were the worst bunch of audience a magician could have. I bet he felt like slapping us a few times…lol… But we were impressed ;P

6. Boo-ed at the opponent when our yatch was faster. Got boo-ed when we were behind.

7. Took turns to steer the wheel and pretend to be Captain Jack Sparrow the Posh and Expensive Version.

8. Stopped side by side with our opponents and passed the poor hungry crew the food which was on our yatch… hahahaha….

9. Celebrated Akmar and Intan’s birthday~ The cakes were OMG yummy!!!

10. Had pillow talk sessions with the guys… *clears throat*… Hey, who knows they actually have a sensitive side to them 😉

11. Listened to Faris sing ‘We are sailing’ again. Didn’t join either. Lol.

12. Took more pictures. Like duhh…

13. Cleaned up. With Sze Wei leading the team as our honored Rubbish Lady. Hahahaha….

14. Took a last picture with Mr HOT aka our skipper.

15. Returned in high spirits before feeling suicidal again….

hahahaha… here are some pictures to make you guys burn with envy…..

The End.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    October 1, 2009 10:16 pm

    “Had pillow talk sessions with the guys… *clears throat*… Hey, who knows they actually have a sensitive side to them”

    haha. i wonder which of the boys gave you that feeling.

    niways, i enjoy the o-sm, and wet look socks too. haha!

    its a good day out for me too, guess the salty air helps with the hangover.


  2. Anonymous permalink
    October 2, 2009 12:26 pm

    Mr Hot Skipper could be into cleaning the deck with ol’ Captain Jack,

    if you know what I mean.
    Look at how he’s holding that guy!

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