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special message on a full moon

October 3, 2009

With such bad weather and cloudy skies, the beautiful full moon is well hidden away…

The streets seem really quiet too…

No candles can be seen, lit around the gardens,

No lanterns hanging on trees and plants,

No children giggling and chasing each other around,

No adults gambling and cheering at a corner…

But God has been great, and blessed me with a family here,

Had a lovely dinner,

Had some lovely mooncakes,

Had some lovely conversations,

Watched Monsters Inc.

Why complain, when I’m more fortunate than many?

… When I’m still breathing and typing this entry, while others are mourning and struggling for their lives,

… When I’m thankful to have my loved ones under the care of God.

News about the natural disasters in Samoa, Indonesia and Taiwan,

Serve as wake up calls,

Remind us to stop wallowing, or dwelling in self-pity,

Be thankful that you and I,

Could still see another day.

Cherish your loved ones when they are still living.

Happy Mid-Autumn~

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    October 4, 2009 12:55 pm

    Happy Mid-Autumn!

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