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TSHMD2 also equals to LTBLASMWCD ^o^

October 5, 2009

Today is one of those days when I have to be utterly unproductive.

No joke.

Not because I’m down right lazy (maybe just 13% of possibility) but largely because it is TSHMD2!!!! Short for The Super Horrible Menstrual Day 2……. @_@

Due to my yesterday’s revelation, I had to refrain myself from whining like a annoying-baby-who-deserves-nothing-less-than-two-fat-slaps on facebook, twitter, and any other form of self advertising mediums. Instead, I reserved those mood horrors to poor L, taunting L again and again over the phone…Lol…

Anyway, if I have to be optimistic. TSHMD2 also equals to LTBLASMWCD!!!! 

What? How can you not know what is LTBLASMWCD?????

Fine… It’s License To Be Lazy And Stuff Myself With Chocolates Day! Remember it well and don’t let me repeat myself k…

*shoes, rotten eggs, and useless textbooks were thrown at me*



Let me show off how unproductive my day has been…

1. I was constantly in torment.

2. I took all sorts of medication given by L without a word of complain..(i tend to make a huge fuss when I had to down those ewww tasting drinks, but was too exhausted and in pain to put up a show today…swt)

3. I tried to distract myself from the pain by watching Karei Naru Spy, then Coraline, then tried playing Sorority Life on Facebook, then got hooked for a few hours on it, then switched to yahoo online make over games, then eyes got too tired so tried to nap, then kept getting woken up by text messages (grrrrrr), then got fed up and woke up, then called L to moan, then stuff my face with chocolates, then go browse the internet, then read blogs for a few hours, then watched The Beach, then had bread and cereal drink, then showered, then played Sorority Life again, then typing this crap………

Both Coraline and The Beach were rather awesome in their own ways. Coraline was actually a recommendation from our early literacy lecturer, and I do agree that it is not a typical children’s story, and leaves you thinking. The Beach on the other hand, was rather enthralling as well. However, the critics and its ratings on IMDB would beg to differ, as they felt that the movie was a shallow adaptation of the book. Well, I ain’t read the book yet, but I would say it managed to triggered my interest in reading it up!

Sometimes I do felt that movie critics should give the production team a break. Come on, a movie is to be enjoyed, and not to have all its goofs such as the different tattoo position on Leonardo’s arm pin-pointed out!!!

Ok… Enough for now, back to Sorority Life ;P

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  1. October 5, 2009 8:09 am


    Well, simply because I’m too lazy to go out and have no money to watch at the cinema.

    Tu la, semuanye blessing ye? Kan dh x bleh complain? XD

    • October 5, 2009 8:17 am

      kekekeke… i ambik from faris.. sangat clear, cuma volume dia rendah sikit…

      tau tak pe… blogging ni macam back fire je…lol… buatkan i lagi susah with my all genius ‘ideas’…hahahaha

  2. Anonymous permalink
    October 6, 2009 8:59 am

    How about Mafia Wars?
    Take out your steam on rival mafias!

    • October 6, 2009 9:21 am

      uhuh… and which part of me look like im into mafia thrills??? lol

  3. Anonymous permalink
    October 8, 2009 8:44 am

    It’s good that you have L which would tolerate your PMS. I tried complaining to Z bt he gave me a good lecture on how to behave myself and not to be emo on ppl.. =(

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