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BFM Glory~

October 18, 2009

Loving the many experiences I was adorned with through BFM…

Guess what… the jakun Me who must have been weaving rattan baskets in the wild get to step into… the Green Room… wooooooohhhh… can so totally hear william smirking, ‘Felicia, lame la you..’ @_@


and here’s some of the ever gorgeous black dancers~

totally looking forward to the end results…huhu…


and last night was a blast…

we had free flow of satays, nasi lemak, and sponge cakes.. on top of great company!!!

and we finally got a chance to see what the audiences had been fixing their eyes on… we watched the recording of our play together… There were so many moments when we couldn’t help but chuckle and comment out loud as we were so surprised to see elements of the show which we haven’t seen before… since we were trapped placed backstage or the changing room most of the time~


That wasn’t all.. Jun Bin aka Director Botak Besar actually put together a hilarious video of footages from pre-, while- and post- of the musical… That was a total crack… We laughed so hard at so many parts of it… my favorite part? ‘Where’s David???!!!’ ROFL….

*sorry mr korean muffin stud..;P*


So sad to be leaving these adorable people behind… Hope yesterday was not our last meeting, and there will be many good ones to come~


Jarod the casanova, and Joselyn the ever-cutie


William the big bully… @_@


that’s Big Bully and Small Bully… Both are bad bullies… huhu…


we are the shampoo


Charlie’s Fallen Angels… hahahaha… Sorry KS for making you do that pose…


The Three Musketeers who very recently had a makeover..huhu…

*jie huei, kien seng, and moi*


me and my babies… so cute i wanna pack them all in my bags…


silly… kevin, david, kazu, and joselyn


more of the bfm family 🙂



I asked Joselyn to do a pufferfish pose…

ain’t she just so cute? hehe…

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