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I love to dance

October 19, 2009

such an understatement for me…

since I was in kindy, and I took my first dance stage despite being the only one who dropped the santa hat in the middle of the performance , I came across a new-found joy… and I knew I would always dance…


I would have to credit a few key people in my life, who managed to bring out my dancing spirit over the years… The first one would have to be Mr Yap, a soft-spoken teacher in my primary school, but literally a dancing fairy when the music hits.. I bet he puts a lot of less coordinated ladies to shame…

I remembered we had to ‘audition’ for a dance performance during the school’s annual Graduation Day for the Standard 6 (12 year olds)… and me being a timid 7 year old, I had a nervous breakdown… It’s not exclusive for only adults k 😛

I fumbled and didn’t perform the tested moves well, and naturally I was dropped… Talk about an early rejection @_@

Then I did the best thing I could think of… The wisest move of all…

I cried… like a brat…

Mr Yap consoled me,  told me he could see the potential in me, and was willing to let me have another go… Long story short, I learned chinese traditional dances, folk dances, and whatever dances he taught us… He would even have a one-on-one session with me in terms of choreographing… And my dance journey started from that day~


The next person I have to thank, would definitely be one of the most powerful couples in my life – Ps Dalbir and Aunty Lai Phing! If they have not have so much vision for the youths, and placed their faith in our capabilities, we would not have been challenged to put up concerts over concerts, shows over shows, using our talents for the glorification of God’s name 🙂

Have i mentioned about our team? The Blade of Grass is hands down, a crucial ground for my growth… So many talents and jokers among us… And we made a perfect team!

I was also in Girl Guides in my school. But I would have to say it was one of the most confused moments of my life. Technically we were led under teachers who had no license in Girl Guides, hence all our ‘tests’ and ‘proofs of training’ were just worthless papers, which didn’t entitle us to any formal qualifications and badges @_@

Yet, I guess it was a chinese school’s pride to go for Gatherings organised by other chinese schools and compete for titles such as Best Dance, Best Marching and so on… which of course was held in great scale, but again, no formal qualifications… and we would spend so much money from our own pockets to design costumes, gigantic props, banners etc… in hopes of winning a tower-high trophy (which was actually cheaper than a short classy trophy) @_@

When you have parents who were officers of the St John Ambulance before becoming the Lieutenants of Civil Defense Malaysia, and had been bringing their cadets to national level competitions – winning a whole lot of competitions in between, you will be expected to face a lot persecution disagreement on how things function in my school’s Girl Guides. So much so that I was banned from being a blind follower to compete in those gatherings or even to attend illegal meetings outside school compound which had been a tradition for the school for many many years… As a young teen with the license to rebel, I never understood my parents’ concern, and only saw them as hindering me from dancing, and establishing the image of me as a nuisance among my peers… True enough, despite my many experiences in dance and choreography outside school, I never took a prominent role in my own school, and was never being asked to…

My dad saw my dilemma, and wanted me to gain my achievements in the proper way. He passed me on to his colleague, who was the Pesuruhjaya of Girl Guides. As my ‘no license teachers’ couldn’t care less, wanted to avoid more responsibilities and were no interested to change the system of the school, I went on becoming the only one who was sent to state level Girl Guide events, representing my school in a few events, asked to be faciliator and trainer in few camps and workshops through private recommendations by the Pesuruhjaya and my dad. Funnily, I had to stay low in my own school’s Girl Guides with none of them fully aware of my achievements, and lead a less-drama life.

I did try to tell them what they have been missing out and suggest to change some stubborn traditions… But talk is no use when the comfort zone everyone is accustomed with is too much to let go… In the end, I just led a double-life…


Ok… Those were all rants and not much relevance to the topic @_@


I’m not a professional dancer, never was, but my desire to dance has brought me to many places, many friends, and many new passions…

For instance, I fell in love with choreography and teaching dance.

One would not be able to comprehend the joy of watching what you have planned and taught passionately fall into place, unless you have experience in that. To see your vision come into life, is like drinking a glass of ice-cold coke in a desert… Ahhhhhh… Lol…


In fact, I don’t believe in the saying of ‘I can’t dance’… There is no student who can’t learn, only teachers who can’t teach… So even if a person walks right hand with right leg, or couldn’t tell left from right, but have the desire to express themselves through dance…they are always welcomed to see me, and we can work something out~ hehe…


Speaking of new-found passion through dance, I may be slightly different from my peers… hehehe…

Believe it or not, I got into the Kpop craze because of their dance choreography and not because I was drooling all over the hot guys… wth


It all started with DBSK’s O (Jun Ban Hap)…

the moves were so cool I couldn’t take my eyes off them…

then I was led to variety shows that featured them.. fell in love with them… and fell hard on many dance choreography in kpop… watched more variety shows… fell in love with more groups… saw a new song + dance… and the cycle just went on and on… LOL…

Here are some of my favorites… Hehe… Let’s see whether I can convert you…huhu…

2PM’s Again and Again + I Hate You

SNSD’s Tell Me Your Wish

Kara’s Mister

and new new new fav???

Shinee’s Ring Ding Dong… and boy are they so young yet hot…

can you believe they are only like… 16-19???  *pedo noona mode ON*



6 Comments leave one →
  1. October 20, 2009 1:58 am

    I never knew that you liked dancing!
    It’s a rare talent!

    • October 23, 2009 10:16 pm

      ooohhh… i thought everyone knew…*vain*…lol…
      well, now u know 😉

  2. October 22, 2009 4:59 am

    when I was 16, i wanted to be a choreographer.i guess i should kiss that dream goodbye?lol

    • October 23, 2009 10:17 pm

      no no no no……… you could choreograph for your students in the future 😉
      or even cheerleading when we get back to ipba… hehe..

  3. October 22, 2009 8:22 pm

    Ffffff. I spasm at this glorious post and all the vids, bb. Oh, DBSK’s O…. So nostalgic *_________*

    • October 23, 2009 10:18 pm

      no need cover cover la dear, i know you were spasming over shinee… lol…

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