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The story of the fireworks…

November 1, 2009

Saw some really spectacular fireworks last night.

Who cares whether it was an early Guy Fawkes display or a grand demonstration of perhaps..err… a major event….

I was enchanted by it, and got myself thinking…

My thoughts would best be unveiled through this lil story of mine~


Once upon a time, there were two great friends – Packie and Dory. They had totally different personalities, with only one common link, they were both fireworks… @_@


Anyway, both Packie and Dory had to make a huge decision, that could change their lives forever… They just overheard that The Man will be putting on a fireworks show because it was new years eve… Upon hearing this news, most of the fireworks shook and shuddered in fear, as they could literally see the light at the end of the tunnel…


Packie started trembling, and held close to Dory saying, “I don’t think I could do this… I don’t want to d… die yet… You know what?…. I have … a plan…”

Perplexed, Dory asked, ” What do you mean? What are you up to my dear?”

Packie answered, ” I’m…. Imma…. gonna.. jam myself…. so that they would… find me faulty… and spare my life…….”

Dory exclaimed, “Packie, how could you think of that??? You should calm down dear, it’s gonna be alright. I admit it’s scary facing what comes later… But this IS the purpose of our lives… We should embrace it, and have the most beautiful experience we could ever have, which we are meant to have…



Hours later, The Man came for them. True enough, Packie stubbornly went ahead with its plan, and was thrown aside; whereas Dory and the rest soared right up to the skies, and created a spectacle for all eyes to wow at…


The End?

Well, not like this…


I’m relating the story above to what life is all about. First of all, life is all about choices. What we decide now, we would have to bear the consequences, whatever they may be…

Life is just like fireworks, they make a mark, and they leave. Everything is temporal, everything will come to an end. The question is, are you going to be bitter and fearful and avoid life once you are well-aware of the ending? Or, are you going to believe in your purpose in life, push through, to the very last moment of yours?


It is true that Packie survived that night, and could see the other morning, but Packie was left with no one, not even his close friend. Packie then continued to live through the days, meaninglessly…


As for Dory and the rest… They had the most adrenalin rush they could ever asked for, they had never seen themselves so beautiful before, and they got to see the world for once, from the top of the skies….

They then disappeared in a split second, and were not heard of any more…


But, they didn’t know…


They became a magical moment for couples in love.

They became witnesses of promises made from sincere hearts.

They brought friends and loved ones together.

They were answered prayers to many in need.

They gave hope to those in despair.

They saved a girl from committing suicide, just because she realised there is still something so beautiful in this world.

They were immortalized and became a part of many lives…






When you stop living only for yourself, but set out to live your purpose-adorned life…

You will be marveled by the lives you have touched, and made a difference in…


It all comes down to you, and your choice 🙂

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