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the sweetness behind the pain

November 2, 2009

today I woke up from the weirdest dream ever that involved me in a different era, some kidnapping action, and a whole lot of blurness… @_@

But this post is not about my dream…


This morning, my stomach began turning so bad, I was convinced that I was a 9 months pregnant lady who just had a miscarriage, or I was going to give birth to panda twins… The pain was so excruciating, and I was OUT of my painkillers…… Seriously, it was a nightmare, more nightmarish than my previous dream…. T.T


I was like this when my phone rang…


me: hello…….. *weakly*

L: hello….. why? what’s wrong?

me: my period came… I’m dying…

L: Yay!!! (made fireworks sound)

me: eh… i’m dying ah… I was even in the toilet for nearly an hour just now…

L: Yay!!! (made more fireworks sound)



You would be thinking a guy like this deserves some real scolding for being funny when he should be sensitive and sweet right…

Well, the next thing I know…

He came, despite being busy, and brought me medication, garlic mantou, and proceeded to my little kitchen, cooking me soup 🙂



He even gave me the pressing-down-the back massage my dad always give me and my mum when our period come 🙂



I’m glad and thankful that God bless me with my own angel, in this place where I’m away from my family…


I may be in great pain, but I am sure a lucky woman girl lady….

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