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Treat or trick???

November 2, 2009

My halloween…

.. was definitely different from most of my peers…

there were no dressing up, no splashes of blood all over me, no partying, no drinking…



It was actually far from boring k…


I was invited to L’s place for a taste of halloween in the neighbourhood.

I was like, “you mean kids here actually celebrate halloween?”

He was like, “yea…” (like I just asked the stupidiest question ever which probably is the stupidiest question ever @_@)


After a delightful meal prepared by L’s mum, I was getting nervous waiting for the kids to show up!!!


Anyway, I got too excited when the first batch of kids came, and I fumbled embarassingly until L’s mum couldn’t stop laughing at me @_@  *comfort to self: it’s alright felicia, everyone needs a laugh…*


But I later redeemed myself, and when the kids came with their ‘treat or trick!’, I told them sternly that they would only be given chocs if they pose for a picture (L’s mum taught me that)…lol… Of course the kids were happy with it and I got myself some good pictures to keep 😉






What I found interesting was that parents actually tag along, and they stood outside the gate, watching over to avoid their kids being bullied…


And we got such a fright when the last group of kids came with their burning hot mama who had a killer body and was in a flaming red, pvc devil suit!!!!!!!!! She smiled sweetly at us, and quickly moved away during the picture taking…

Man, that’s one semangat mom! Too bad we couldn’t have a picture of her… Confirm put many of us *cough* younger ones *cough* to shame @_@

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