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The Lulu’s Fury

November 10, 2009

Imagine the scenario below.

The lulu woke up early and happy! It is quite an achievement to feel chirpy at 6.30am okay 😉

After some readings, her stomach growled like a hyena (do hyenas growl?) and she knew she had to eat something. Looking across her food compartment, she realised that the mackenzie whole grain bread (the yummiest whole grain bread ever) actually expired yesterday! *such horror!* Well, she quickly looked through the bread and they still looked perfectly fine… Ahh, that’s the beauty of spending a tad extra for quality bread! *proud* Then she proceeded warming up half a cup of milk, poured into a bowl mixture of 3 eggs, some sugar and a teaspoon of salt, and beat them altogether.. Could you guess what she was up to? Yup, she’s was planning to cook french toast, a technique she learned from mum to finish off bread… Of course mum uses condensed milk which is more malaysian like, the lulu decided to go for the western, bread pudding type of recipe 😉

The whole meal was a success, and the happy lulu decided to take a shower so that she would feel more refreshed and alert for her studies…

This was when… all hell broke loose… (figuratively)


“Attention, attention, the fire alarm has been activated. Please evacuate the building through the nearest exit…”


It just kept getting louder…and loudER… and LOUDER……… trying to reach a crescendo @_@


Remember, the lulu was in the shower…….


At such a confined space, the sound was unbearable and deafening… Even though a part of lulu was telling her that it was a false alarm, the other part of her just couldn’t help worrying what if it was real… Hey, its not cool to have “stubborn student burnt to death in shower” plastered all over the headlines tomorrow k….


So, the lulu just rushed out, half- quarter-dried herself, put on some clothes, grabbed her glasses, her keys and handphone, and rushed down the steps, joining a whole group of mumbling people…

The lulu was such a mess, she was quietly hoping no one familiar saw her, and cursing herself for not slapping some bb cream on her face before coming down… Gosh, she’s so vain

There were so many angry people downstairs, it was quite a scene. What a great time they chose for the drill, don’t they know it is exam season?????? The lulu overheard someone complaining that his exam was in 2 hours, and even though he wanted to ignore the alarm, it was impossible for him to study, all the curse words were too explicit and harmful to be translated… No, the lulu did not eavesdrop, he was just plain loud, and the lulu thinks he did it deliberately…

After another 10-15 minutes, the lady gave a briefing, asked everyone to register their room number with the apartment manager, and finally gave instructions to have the alarm turned off… If the lulu knew the lady was in charged, the lulu would have tackled her down, snatched the walkie talkie, and commanded for the alarm to be turned off… then the whole crowd would cheer for the lulu for her courageous and heroic act…

I said it in facebook, and I’m going to repeat myself…



xie xie.


dou cheh sai.

arigatou gozaimasu…

4 Comments leave one →
  1. November 10, 2009 1:50 pm

    lol. no felicia.
    hyenas dont growl.
    lol. i tink they laugh, or sumtin like dat.
    seriuslyyyy. lol
    owh, btwn, klu i jdi u, i akan truskan mndi.
    yes, if u see headlines
    “stubborn students burn to death in shower”
    yep. dats me.

  2. November 10, 2009 2:39 pm

    Are you sure it’s a fire drill?
    Someone could have punched the fire alarm just to piss off other students who are having exams!

    Happens esp when ppl are drunk.

  3. pikapikah permalink
    November 10, 2009 8:06 pm

    i hate them too! from d bottom of my heart!

  4. Sze Wei permalink
    November 12, 2009 11:48 am

    You eat whole grain bread now?? yeay… hehe..

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