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Grand camp extravaganza

December 31, 2009

oh yea.. forgot to mention, my lappie is currently at the Acer factory.. God bless extended warranty~ Hence, i couldn’t blog about a lot of other stuff i wanted to initially because all my pretty pics are in that lappie T.T

So I guess I would have to play time machine a lil, and blog about stuff that happened much later before coming back to those..God knows whether they will ever get the chance to appear on the computer screens of many???

Anyway, since coming back to malaysia, i went over to gran’s early in the morning (like 6.30am type of early) to help out with chores and learn some cooking, have been a babysitter, did a full medical check up, accompany gran and mum to hospitals and clinics, had lots of christmas production practices, went up and down ipoh, had a makeover done, treated mummy to a facial session with me, lots of grocery and christmas shopping, lots of makan-makan, had fever then tonsillitis then flu then cough @_@, broke both my thumb nails and lived for weeks with only 8 fingers @_@, maintaining ldr, watched princess and the frog and avatar in the cinemas for RM6 student price *gasps*, did more house chores @_@, ran around banks and offices to settle errands with mummy, helped with daddy’s secret project…………….



and of course….

Being a facilitator of Grand Camp @ Kampar!


That 4 days 3 nights were beyond our expectations as God’s surprises were all around the corners… made some great friends, had some great fellowship, and we all grew and learned a heck lot in the camp…


so here are some pictures taken, in hopes to capture some essence of the camp 😉



and here’s our room, though nice, but we spent very very little time in… T.T


and i present to you, the many monkeys…….. hohoho……..


the monkey-iest of all……

… moi


followed by our very annointed and wacky speaker… Ps Chris Long


the Great Team of Faci


The Awesome Group


The Birthday Babies


And Some Jokers…






and finally…

the mostest, awesomest, grandest group of all……


Yea… You better watch out… Coz “you ain’t seen nothing yet”  ;P

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  1. nige permalink
    January 1, 2010 12:02 am

    glad to see you havin a great time home. when are you coming back to college?

    btw, i think you might have mis-spelled “extraganvaza”. shoudlnt it be ‘extravaganza’?

  2. January 2, 2010 8:27 pm

    It really does look grand!
    As in expensive!

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