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December 31, 2009

Good gracious me… I have actually forsaken this little world of mine for over a month…. and so many things have happened after my last post… gosh, i feel.. somewhat embarrassed…


But hey, contrary to popular belief, i wasn’t rotting at home after coming back from NZ… In fact, I was too occupied to actually spend time in front of my lappie… God knows whether my cafe in FB has turned into a disgusting pest-infested moldy torture chamber for my virtual customers @_@


OK, i have approximately another 1.5 hours to spend on my internet rendezvous… not much, but will try to squeeze in as much stuff i could after being deprived for so long @_@


Spent the earlier hour just catching up on my blogroll… mannnnnnn… i felt like i must have lived in pandora (go watch avatar if you haven’t!!!) where i’m cut off completely from the outside world… not really that bad, but i have been missing out on a lot of gossips…huhu…


One thing that caught my greatest attention after  reading through 20+ blog entries… many of my peers, are expressing their difficulty to adapt back to life in Malaysia.  To be perfectly honest, I was so relieved to know that i’m not the only one… Sometimes I feel myself so kiwi that I’m ashamed of myself.. but HEY, even though we were only abroad for 2 years, things do change, perspectives do differ.

Let me ask those who have been sarcastic about us being nuts that forgot their skins, ” would you find it easy to eat raw meat after being exposed to cooked meat for 2 years?”

We are not actually ungrateful beings or what not… But we long for those simple luxuries of having access to clean toilets, pedestrian crossings that actually work and are not just just painting of strokes on the road, freedom to walk around shops without a bugging sales person following us 1.5 inches away, and a bloody smile from the bank workers…


Hmm… in a few days time, i will embark on another chapter of my life… going back to IPBA and the termite-infested asrama pantai puri which was supposed to be treated with proper maintainence which fees were deducted from our allowances… But as dad said, rather than complaining about it, all I could do is to try to adapt and be more positive about things – which i am definitely reminding myself of every single day…


If time willing, maybe i will share / record more of the many happenings in this 1 month…

Looking back, I’m quite proud of my time spent at home, and I’m so very thankful for being so well-loved 😉

okies.. time to do some laundry… will be back… soon… hopefully… huhuhu….

oh yea, in case i’m not back..

Happy New Year Peeps!!!

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  1. pikapikah permalink
    December 31, 2009 5:28 pm

    i agree! lotsa ppl say we kinda forgot our roots after being 2 years away from home. but it’s not that. It’s not wrong to ask for a toilet paper in public restrooms, is it?

    But what I miss most is being independent. To be bale to go anywhere I want on my own. Do whatever I want. pay my own bills. Talk to the tenant for myself. Doing my own grocery shopping. Doing simple things for myself, u know. It surely was nice feeling completely in charge of your own life.

  2. December 31, 2009 8:26 pm

    The first few months are always the hardest.
    I hope that you will not know you experiences away. Keep the best & do not be influenced by your surroundings.
    Use what you have learned over the oceans & influence your community for the better.

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