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The ugly truth

February 24, 2010

People love to complain. It’s human nature. We are hard to be satisfied.


Hence, I allowed myself to complain, and my oh my, I wasn’t being thrifty on my moans, when I stepped back into IPBA early January…

Not that I was proud of my lack of grace, yet I find my rants pretty much justified by the situation I was in… As some of many of my course mates put it… we were thrown from heaven back to earth… we became critical, we became rebellious, we started questioning everything instead of receiving unfairness and inefficiencies without any squeak of complain…

Perhaps, being exposed to new worlds out there transformed us from passive robots and made us individuals with thoughts…

Perhaps, being totally independent for 2 years overseas made us bolder and stronger…

Perhaps, being older by the year is correlated with being more skeptical and critical with things around us…



However, getting old has to also mean that we are getting more matured, and should see things with different perspectives, adapt, and work around difficulties……..


So, after a few excruciating days of trying to make the room below as well as our poorly maintained dorm into a place ‘stayable’… Yes, they crammed 14 people into a dorm with only 2 working bathrooms (1 of them doesn’t even have a shower head, a proper door lock and light), holes on the walls, doors without knobs, rooms without working lights and fans and leakage everywhere… And we had to come out with our own money for maintainance because the institution is too poor to even fix our lights…


-my room with Po-


-our dorm-





… I was already thinking about good thoughts…

like how Po and I were lucky and blessed enough to get the B rooms (the most spacious room for 2 people) instead of staying in E room for 4 people like 5 years ago…

like how Po and I were the earliest to arrived in the hostel and managed to change our spoiled closets, and change better tables…

like how our fan is working perfectly fine unlike some of our poor course mates…

and how our holes and imperfection on the room walls can be easily covered with colored papers and decorations…



Sometimes we get so caught up with our problems, we fail to see the little joys, and we take our blessings for granted.

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  1. February 26, 2010 2:56 pm

    I know exactly what you mean.
    IPBA hostels are not as good as it can be (if the ppl in-charge of it were really doing their work instead of making the students do their work for them.)
    But after visiting the dorms of other maktabs, I still find that IPBA’s is the best.

    The bottom-line is ALL hostels managed by the government are HORRIBLE & near INHABITABLE.
    IPBA may have it food now but it is on the slippery slope down if they dont start pulling up their socks & spending their allocated money where it should be spent.

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