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The P Word

March 25, 2010

My previous entries have been sort of emo-ish that I feel like I’m losing the lulu essence of mine (something which i thought was impossible)… The piling assignments and little dramas of life are partly to be blamed… Mind you, this is not pure crap but based on the attributional theory (something that i re-learned after my discussion with dr lawrence @_@)….


I can’t even convince myself.

I admit.

That was just pure crap… haih…



Hence, the need for a detour, from things that actually matter but are at the bottom of my list to do for today.


I think they have a word for it.


A word too familiar.


Yes, it’s called PROCRASTINATION =D


So I’m just gonna compile little little joys of mine in this short 3 months since I came back, something I haven’t been pushing myself to do as often as I like.


Not in any particular order (as if anyone actually cares), as long as ‘I syiok la’!

* yes, I do find my manglish creeping back to me… gasp*


sukiyaki @ sushi zanmai. We were totally craving for this when overseas, but somehow we were not as crazy over it now… in fact, the soup base was a tad too sweet… or did our taste bud change? hmm…


Awesome steamboat dinner which our awesome CG leader, Gab shouted

*no he didn’t yell, ‘shout’ means treat/’chia’ in OZ and NZ*


No one. I repeat no one. Not even the over-rated chefs like Gordon Ramsey, can cook as awesome as my grandma dearest!!! I mean, just look at that! *salivates*


meeting up with high school sweethearts, catching up on life, gossips, and even career + future + life partners. As fun as our sessions were, I cant help but being struck again and again that I’m a grown up now… sob… gone were the golden age of free license to be stupid and without a care of the world @_@


me love simple relaxation like dolling up my nails =)


munching away in sushi zanmai… again… we are somewhat very loyal wth…


need i say more ~


sassy girls in the house.. *wolf whistles*



a very vain picture of me fresh in the morning………..



ok, on a totally random note…


*stomach growls*




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  1. March 26, 2010 4:35 am

    sushi zanmai….hmm, have yet to try =)

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