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Failed ‘5 Stars’

June 22, 2010

Before I start my lengthy posts on some significant events on the past few weeks, allow me to share this funny conversation during our stay in KL for mom’s convocations…


Location: Our room in the Legend Hotel (supposedly a 5 star hotel…)

Time: 2 something in the afternoon, 19th June 2010

Context: The room’s TV was showing jumpy images, so Dad decided to call the hotel’s customer service.



Receptionist A: Good afternoon, this is customer service, may i help you?

Dad: Hello, this is room 1933. I think we are receiving bad reception for our tv.

Receptionist A: Is that so, please press 5 to be redirected to the technicians.

Dad: Ok… Thanks. *pressed 5*

Receptionist B: Hello, may I help you?

Dad: Yea… we called about our bad TV reception. Do you think you can come check for us?

Receptionist B: Ok. Please wait. Erm… Please press 2..

Dad: Uhuh… O..K….

Me: (at the side) Why are they passing you around? This should be just a simple call!!!

Receptionist C: Yes, may I help you?

Dad: (Trying to be really patient) I called about my tv’s bad reception, and they asked me to call here.

Receptionist C: Which receptionist would you like to file a complaint against?

Dad: Huh???

Receptionist C: Sir, you called about a bad receptionist?

Dad: No no no… My tv is having bad reception… Argh.. Forget about it… Our tv is not working.

Receptionist C: Ohhh… I see… We will send a worker up soon.

Dad: (Finally) Thanks…




Yea.. Like WTH right?

Seriously, 5 stars my foot. The hotel was far from being impressive and the service was bad. We nearly couldn’t even checked in because of the novice receptionists. And I came upon two rude concierge assistants who had alter egos when they see those with fairer skins …The walls were thin and really there was nothing to shout about…


Never gonna go back to the not-so-legendary-place again………………..

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  1. June 22, 2010 11:26 pm

    It’s just Malaysian hotels la~~
    It seems that Malaysians are either interpersonally retarded or the hospitality establishments are hiring the wrong people.

    Then again, if you’re white & you carry a white accent, you might be treated differently.

    Malaysians are probably only hospitable to foreigners.

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