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Time is ticking…

June 22, 2010

… in a few more days, I will begin the journey of a ‘real’ teacher, handling the issues of kids struggling with puberty, surviving through school politics, and buddying with Google for ideas, content, and solutions…


In a blink of time, my 3-week break is almost bidding me goodbye… While many were complaining of boredom, I actually have not had a day just to myself yet… Hey, not complaining though, am actually getting used to such productivity. Makes me feel more ‘alive’, I guess… 😉


Just a glance on what I have been up to~


Gave a motivational talk in SMK Tat Beng.

Became a liaison officer for Melta Conference 2010.

Went to Singapore for 4 days with my sassy babes.

Accompanied mum to Ipoh for a onkologist check up.

Went to KL for 4 days for mom’s OUM convocation.

Before I knew it, I am only left with less than a week to enjoy good old Taiping~

Yesterday was supposed to be my 1st ‘ME DAY’… Somehow it didn’t quite qualify because I ended up doing 3 rounds of laundry due to our clothes piling up like the Pyramid of Giza from many trips for the past few days, plus some stuff here and there… Well, we did end up having Peking Duck meal for dinner though, and that was a finger-licking-good meal I have to say 😉


I do have some other stuff here and there planned for this remaining few days…

Firstly, I’m gonna do some well-needed blogging.

Secondly, the Mom and Daughter are gonna go for a facial session today =)

Thirdly, I’m conducting a Creative English Workshop for 40 students of SMKDB this coming Saturday… that itself, is getting my hands and brains on overtime… Will be trying some new elements which I have never officially taught in my previous training workshops 😉


I used to complain how my dadand mom over-estimated me, and always get me involved in events as such. Since I was 14, my dad had been staking his reputation to include me as a facilitator or trainer for Girl Guides, and Civil Defence Cadets sessions or camps, encourage me to give tutoring and even take over mum’s or his tuition classes when they have something else on, allow me to be heavily involved in church’s concerts, musicals, and all sort of performances. Right after SPM, mom even managed to get me into SRJK(C) Hua Lian 2 as a replacement teacher.


But now, I have learned to appreciate the doors and paths my parents have opened for me, their efforts in equipping me to be more of an all-rounder… Thanks to my ‘Go-Go-Go’ family, I have given talks, trained students, organised camps and competitions, directed performances… Most importantly, I have been learning and growing, to be a better me, and hopefully a better teacher too…


Even so, i don’t think i am better than my coursemates… Not at all… Practicum still freaks me out BIG TIME…

Facing that many replicates of my hormone-inclined teen brother and being entrusted the reponsibility to educate them… That calls for lots of prayer for God’s guidance and wisdom…


I am still learning after all…

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  1. Sawittri permalink
    June 22, 2010 8:29 pm

    I think you’ll do wonders at your practicum school.

    All the best Felicia.

    p/s: go-getter girls have it better in life than others. Ive always been one and I see no reason for changing that =)

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