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For the sweet tooth

June 23, 2010

My little treat for the young kids at home.

To be honest, I think I got them out of impulse rather than such thoughful intentions.

Coz these are simply just too CUTE!!!

Yes… I used the C.U.T.E word…

Not too cool for a *coughs* teacher-to-be…



Anyway, this was a big hit among the young and old in the household *BIG GRIN*



DONASHI from Big Apple’s



Honestly speaking, I think this is simply a really smart business idea…

Who would have thought to make donuts bite-size by turning them into sushi-like?

Definitely works for an easily-entertained-silly-consumer like me  ^___^

Not that big a fan of those cream, but they don’t taste bad either. Too bad many other flavors ran out, hence we had to repeat some of the flavors…

Totally in love with the green tea donashi… It actually has chocolate stuffing!!! YUM!

The kids totally gobbled up the chocolate sauce given, and licked up every single trace of it… LOL




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  1. mint permalink
    June 24, 2010 3:04 pm

    felicia…gila cute those donuts..i think..sedap x?

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