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Ms. Felicia

July 16, 2010

It had been 2 weeks of teaching.

Had been assigned to 2 classes.

Had 2 observations done.

and this would be my 1st post on my teaching life…

…. and I have to say, it has been a crazy ride, yet I am indeed blessed…



After having our seniors raving about the greatness of Catholic High, we were sort of ‘conditioned’ to fight all the way till we get this school for our practicum. Guess what, we did get the school, and we got a rather impressive lady as our supervisor too 😉


Our first meeting with the school staff was however not really pleasant. Not gonna discuss much about the details, but it was quite an experience to ‘make’ us go to Sungai Wang the next day itself to buy ‘black, enclosed, formal shoewear’, ‘formal-looking and not body-hugging formal wear’, and lots of hair accessories ‘to keep our hair neat.’ *coughs*


So yea, we were damn nervous on the first day of school. Maybe it was just me as I kept visiting Mr Toilet Bowl throughout the morning… Hmmm…

By the way, Wira and I got into the afternoon session; while chong and po got morning.


I could still remember that very morning when I got all dressed up. i looked into the mirror and said to myself, “damn, you do look like a teacher now.” Is that a good thing or is that bad? *gasps*


Anyway, no matter how proper we were dressed, how we had our name tags on, and how we were carrying lots of teaching aids, the guard of the school would always assume that Wira and I are visitors and ask us to sign the visitors’ book; despite having us tell him every single day that ‘PAKCIK, KAMI CIKGU!’ Haish……..


BUT, school was good. Actually, really good.

The staff is friendly, our cooperating teacher is fun and enthusiastic, the staffroom always has an abundance of food, especially on Fridays, the teachers’ toilets are clean and spacious, and the food in school is awesome and downright cheap! And yes, we do have our own tables in the staffroom, and we do not share with the morning session.


I was assigned to 1A4 and 2B1. Two classes of boisterous, hot-blooded kids whom I have grown fond of. 1A4 is definitely a delight. As the school has the reputation of 100% passes in English, and 30% of the students are ‘A’ scorers, we knew we had to buckle up if not we would be easily challenged and knocked out by these kids.

True enough, my Form 1 kids are not to be underestimated…

They say the darnest things, their crazyily creative ideas come from nowhere, and some of them could really write.

Imagine me asking them to twist the story they have read and come out with their own personal response in 60 words, but most of them ended up writing me a 1 1/2 to 3 pages of story.

When i taught them idioms and asked them to create sentences using the idioms, I have a boy coming up to me asking whether he could string all the idioms I taught into a whole story.

Yes, and I love the different characters in this class. They make me feel motivated to challenge myself to come out with more interesting and meaningful lessons.


2B1 on the other hand, was a challenge to begin with. Their previous teacher was actually our cooperating teacher and she is nothing short of wonderful. The students adore her and they were really sad when she had to be replaced. With such big shoes to fill, I was feeling very nervous about taking over this class…

I planned hard for my first lesson with them, only to face a huge storm on that fateful day. The storm was so bad – with the lightning, thunder, and strong wind, they could hardly hear me, and i ended up writing most of my instructions on the board, straining my voice from all corners of the classroom… The ice-breaker, needless to say, was far from being successful under such circumstances, and i felt so disappointed at the end of the day. That was definitely not what I expected, as i started off with this class without a good note.


You know what, dad and L talked some sense into me. I then realised that I shouldn’t have dwell in self-pity nor keep on whining about it. Even if I was unable to start well, I could always end well.

Since then, I tried really hard… not to win their hearts, but to make them open up to me… At the end of the day, I would not be their Pn Wan Salmiah, but at least I try to be their Miss Felicia, whom they could proudly say that they have learned from.



Two weeks down, and I am getting a hang of this thing called teaching.


Still praying for wisdom, every step I take.

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