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Recapping Week 2~

July 26, 2010

Many things happened this week, and I wasn’t quite sure where to begin with. It was a week of overwhelming emotions – both anxiety as well as pleasant relieve. As I mentioned a couple times before, I was doing great with my Form 1 students, but somewhat lacking with my Form 2. That itself has been troubling my mind, and more often than not, I tend to over-think things. For instance, when they announced that we all had to attend Dr Sofi’s retirement, and still make it to school, I was beyond worry. While some others rejoiced at the thought of not having to plan their lessons for the day, I was worried about other issues.

Firstly, if we were to go for the retirement, I would miss a double period (also my 3rd lesson) with my Form 2 students, and the cooperating teacher would have to take over the class, leading to more comparison between the teacher and I, right before my observation on the next day.  Well some might think that I really thought too far but my fears were easily understood by my fellow course mates. In fact, my heart sank when some of my Form 2 students cheered when I told them that their own teacher will be taking over the double period during my absence. Without a doubt, my pride was hurt; and I felt hopeless, as if nothing I do could help take away the barrier between me and them, or make them more accepting towards me.

When we think too highly of ourselves, we tend to get disappointed more. So I learned to let go, and let God.

I decided to just do my best and let God handle the rest; and true enough, Thursday turned out to be a rather miraculous day. Even though I had two observations on the same day, both double periods with no breaks in between; even though I was worried sick for the previous day and night; even though there were many complications regarding the ABM room and the electronic facilities – the outcomes of both lessons exceeded my expectations. Both classes were extremely responsive, cooperative, and they actually gave really good answers. I was so relieved at the end of the day, and could not cease myself from thanking God.

Of course there were other problems that we faced throughout the whole week, including being abandoned at nowhere by a mean taxi driver, personal issues and what not; these incidents became insignificant if compared to the positives such as having your students actually enjoying and learning in the lessons. I have learnt a lot this week, I know next week would be of no difference.

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