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Recapping Week 3~

July 26, 2010

That was one unique week.

It was a week of very little lesson plans, but many other activities. It was a week of different exposure.

Mondays are my day off, well sort of, except that they usually give me up to 2 relief periods. However, for this week alone, I was given 8 periods of relief, which was way over the maximum number of relief, we should be given. It wasn’t entirely the administrative mistake, but I had several ‘unofficial’ requests. I guess for now, it is better to be ‘helpful’ and just go with it.

But this week was not as stressful as the previous one because I had very few classes which I had to teach. Because it was English Week, we were required to use a double period to conduct the English Week activities, and I had to bring my Form 2 students to the MPH Book fair for another double period, and my Friday class was canceled due to the Parent-Teacher Day.

My only groan of displeasure was my Thursday. Having being relieving four periods of classes the past few days, I was expecting to be ‘exempted’ from relief for the following days. Especially on Thursdays when I have a straight stretch of four periods, I was expecting to finally rest and work on my lesson plans or reflections.

But when I checked the relief time table, I was still being given classes to attend to, and was further unofficially requested to take over another two classes. While some other teachers felt that they could just do what they want during relief classes like marking their books, and organizing their work; I find it hard to follow suit. Firstly because I felt compelled to actually maintain discipline in the classroom, which had to be done by constantly walking around the classroom checking on the students, or repeatedly reminding them to lower down their voices. Secondly, all my work is done using my netbook, and I felt extremely unprofessional to turn on my netbook in front of the students to do my work as it may cause more distraction as well. Therefore, I always ended up not being very productive, and had to further find time to do all those work, which could have been easily done if I was just working in the staff room.

Thankfully, I did not have to plan as many lessons for this week; hence that saved a lot of headache and time. But at the same time, I felt that I have so much to cover with the students for next week, and I have to plan really well so that what I have established with the students could prolong during my one week absence on the following week.

The biggest worry would be to come back after the week of 2nd phase briefing, and have to start all over again with the students.

My dad said I have been worrying too much, but he is glad that I am worrying, because this shows that I am not over-confident with myself and that I am still willing to learn.

One other thing that I am really grateful for is to have parents in the field of teaching. They understand what I am going through, they give good mentoring, and because they are so excellent in their own field (both Guru Cemerlang, and received several teaching awards and acknowledgment), they are my big source of inspiration and encouragement.

The only problem is, ‘Will I ever fulfill their expectations of me?’ or ‘Will I be able to walk out of such huge shadows cast upon me?’

I guess I could only do my best for now, and see how God leads.

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  1. July 28, 2010 10:39 pm

    Good Good Good.
    You should always make students do something productive during relief periods even when it’s only self-revision or reading a story book.

  2. nige permalink
    August 2, 2010 8:47 pm

    pretty much like what i went through for the past 4 weeks. heaps of relieves and teaching, and paperwork.

    i usually engage my students in activities during relieves. my usual weapon that i dig into, general knowledge quiz. boys here love em. they like to compete, and to win. if you have been to any pub quizzes round NZ, thats how i run them.

    c ya round college, and hopefully this friday eve too.

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