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Blue Love Died…

August 4, 2010

2 days ago, we celebrated our 1st reunion after 1 month of teaching.. (yea.. we kinda made a big deal of it…like.. HEY WE SURVIVED 1 MONTH OF TEACHING K HALLELUJAH!), by gathering together for Iner’s belated birthday celebration.

We watched Inception, a movie I find so clever and brilliant that I believed ‘ideas have been planted into my mind’…errr… and we headed off to Tony Roma’s for dinner…

Sometimes, shit just happen; and it is usually out of our control.

Long story short, my Blue Love met the fate of Ixy and Old-Samsung…

Clueless as to what I’m referring to? Please read back this lil entry of mine, posted 10 months ago…


It was an accident, though not by me, but not gonna play some blaming games here.

When it happened, my heart just sank. I guess for a moment or two, i was just blank, thinking ‘seriously this can’t be happening… at least..not again…’

But the thing is, it happened. and Blue Love is gone for good. Initially I thought I had it for more than a year hence missing out on the warranty but only realised that it was 10 months-old. But even with the warranty, I could only get free postage to send the camera to the service centre, and have to wait 1 month for price quotation, and another  month for the repair. And they cant even give me an estimation right now; only telling me that the lens is definitely a gone case and requires two hundred plus bucks, and he believes my camera’s circuit is also a gone case. Technically, it’s totally not worth it to repair the camera…

After long discussions with both my parents, we decided that it’s best to get a new one. But would be unfair if my friend had to pay for the all the damage. So, we decided that my friend could just pay what she could afford, while I forged out the rest…

It was the best decision we could come out with, but it was not an easy one for me.

No matter what it is, this is additional expenditure, and Blue Love meant a lot to me.. At the same time, I can’t exactly dwell in self-pity, coz that will only affect my Cool-points *cough* not that I have many to begin with lol..

I just pray that God will help me understand the reason behind this incident, and that i could still see things from a different perspective, and that i would not be bitter about this but rather to take this as a stepping stone to something else.

Heading to Low Yat tomorrow… Thanks L for the comprehensive list of cameras, their specs, their deals, and what to look out for… What would I do without you?

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  1. Boon permalink
    August 6, 2010 4:45 am

    Wahlau…. cameras you touch accident prone! haha! ok la, don’t want to jinx it for your new one. hehe.

    How have you been Cikgu Peh!?

    • August 21, 2010 12:04 am

      hahaha.. tell me abt it… i think they r…

      cikgu peh is survivin in how r u?

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