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Emma in the hood~

August 6, 2010

Me: *casually whining about my expenses and my camera loss*

L: Don’t worry. What is lost God will give you back right. God provides ma.

Me: *pai seh*

(wow… now L seems to be way wiser than me in many ways… Time to buckle up Felicia! hehehe…)


On a side note, I bought my new camera! Welcome to the hood, Emma!

Yes, I just named it Emma and I’m cool or lame like that, depending on your pov…

Emma is Canon ixus 105IS… a slight upgrade from Blue Love coz it had been discontinued…

After some bargaining, got it for 700 bucks, including 4gb memory card, a genuine leather canon casing priced at RM79 *coughs*, a mini tripod, and 3 years warranty!

Then forged out RM30, supposedly a slash from RM49 for the screen protector…

Anyway, am proud of myself that i managed to restrain from getting Ixus 130IS which costs 200 bucks more for being much slimmer and has more fancy functions which I probably won’t even use. And I am happy with my purchase!

thanks, my friend, for your kind contribution to the camera fund.

thanks, wira bb, chong-ee bb, and faris the madu for making camera shopping so much more fun.

thanks L, for your wise words, your research, price comparison list, good advice and being sweet all the time.

thanks daddy, for willing to chip in some money too.

I am definitely blessed with great and wonderfuul people in my life =D


the only thing left is to pray for Emma, to be covered with God’s protection, that the camera’s curse would be lifted! hehehehe….


Charging the battery now! Can’t wait to be able to snap away again ~~~

p/s. the shope fella told me that if a camera is dropped into the water and is not repaired within 24 hours, its gone. Man… Canon service centre, you expect me to wait for 2 months just to tell me that my camera is beyond repair? Service FAIL wei…

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  1. August 6, 2010 10:32 pm

    You must be buts…
    You named your camera?
    Are you like going to prepare a bed for it in your room & knit some sweaters for it?

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