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August 19, 2010

Seriously, the past few weeks of practicum have been more than a roller-coaster ride.

I had my highs, and also some devastating lows.

But most importantly,

the whole experience constantly changes my horizontally-challenged mindsets, and makes me appreciate people around me so much more.

Actually, life really ain’t that bad after all.

I have great listeners and moral support.

I feel loved every single day.

and I know that I will never be alone in this.

Thank you Lord, for always listening to my prayers and cries of desperation. Time and time again, You have shown me that You have been faithful.

Thanks mum and dad for your constant ‘roll calls’ and mentoring in my teaching.

Thanks my tuejis, who have been the best peer support group one can ask for. For the sharing of ‘light’, and the gossips sharing of school stories.

Thanks Miss Pat, for your many encouraging texts and prayers. For actually believing in our potentials.

and finally,

Thanks L, for being in this journey with me, and constantly building me up, by putting the biggest smile on my face.

Thanks for being such a sweetheart, and thanks for reminding me everyday, that you love me.

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