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August Babies <3

September 11, 2010

The month of August was a scary month. It was a month of which my money literally disappear in front of my eyes. Probably I was spending money every time I blink my eyes. Or probably not.

Though it was somewhat painful looking at the ever-decreasing amount in the bank accounts, I was more than willing to spend that amount of money, to splurge on the birthdays of the lovelies in my life.

So this is a birthday dedication for the August humongous babies ❤

First up,

to Kelsey the fragile,

our forever lil girl,

Even though you are a year older, and probably wiser too, you will still be our forever ‘mui mui’, whom we will forever be protective over.

Wishing you all the best, especially in those areas of ‘uncertainty’. That may you receive the happiness you have been praying for~

Will still visit you to update my k-pop dosage 😉



and Sze Wei,

Since coming back to Msia, we haven’t been hanging out a lot. Even for your birthday celebration, it didn’t quite work out due to many reasons. However, my warmest wishes to you are no lesser than before. I wish you happiness, both you and kev, that you may prove to all who are skeptical that LDR is indeed possible XD

So jia you o~



Then to my dearest mummy~

who just graduated with excellence *proud*

Thanks for being the sweetest thing,

Thanks for loving and caring for me.

Thanks for being so strong and inspirational,

Thanks for being my MUM!



Now, moving on to my bro, Joel~

You know how ‘poyo’ you can be. But I guess that’s what sets you apart from others. Lol. Now I’m not too sure whether I meant it as a compliment or not. Hehehe…

Be a good boy in Wellington, don’t flirt too much, or you will be dead meat pretty soon you should know better too LOL.

Your birthday gift is currently non-existent, just like how ‘mine was lost in the nz post shop’… 😛



Teng Teng Teng….

Now to the double birthday celebration of two of my mostest favouritest people~


First up, my faithful partner in crime.

She is the Pinky, I am the Brain..Lol..

I have mentioned about how fun this lil girl is in many of my past fun ventures, in which she was mostly part of.

What I have not mentioned, is about how many times our silly master plans have failed, simply because we are such ‘fails’ like that. Lol…

Before her addition into our lil clique, I always felt the burden to be the clown entertainer of the gang. Now that she’s here, I have someone to share my burden joy. In fact, things got more fun coz I now have someone willing to go all the way with me when it comes to silliness!

Oh Pinky, how I love you! Lol…


as for Chong,

the biggest culprit who got me so hooked onto K-Pop… Lol… Not that I’m complaining coz I have my daily dosage of eye candies… yum yum!

Even though we always tease you about your height, your ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ taste, and almost everything else, you know you always have a special part in my heart~~~

I too hope that your love for Kyuhyun will prevail… It’s a long shot *coughs* but you know I have your back 😉

SO let’s plan a trip to korea soon and we shall stalk him at their dorms… lol…



To wrap this entry up~

Happy super-BELATED Birthday to my lovelies!!!!!

me is hearts you!!!

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  1. September 12, 2010 12:17 am

    Dont forget me in December!

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