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I have pretty much become an antisosial

September 14, 2010

like seriously…

Now that I’m home for the decently long 2 weeks break, I thought I would be all hyped up, having reunions with my friends.

Yet, for the 1 1/2 week, I met up with no one.

Not because there were no invitations,

Not because no one was back home,

but because I was so occupied with family activities, and all these sudden arrangements that forced me to choose between the two counterparts. As my title suggested, I chose ‘family’.

After reaching Taiping at 1am on Friday night, I went for supper with dad and slept at 4am. At 7am, we were all ready and packed up to leave Taiping for Lumut. Basically it was Grandma’s Birthday Week. Since grandma recently lost grandpa, everyone was kinda spoiling her and giving her as much attention as we could so that we could appreciate her while she is living. Hence, came the Lumut trip, Flemington dinner, Movie trip, SSL dinner, and even a Genting trip. Above that, I accompanied dad to Penang twice to send Ivan, my cousin bro to the airport, and to pick him up after his 1 week stay in Sarawak. Coming up, as a favor for my dad, I am conducting two workshops in his school, and also in Sungai Tinggi.

To be honest, I’m getting so comfy with my family and the plans they laid out for me, I totally lost the interest or rather the oomph to make the effort of organising something with my friends (or more like my acquaintances now since we haven’t really kept in contact with each other as we grew up taking different paths in lives).

Anti-social i have become. Not exactly a good thing. But not that bad a thing too.

Well, I have only one night left for any possible hangouts because I will be having one of my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow.

Now that I mentioned that, I can’t even express my fears in words *gasps*

The X-ray showed that particular tooth to be kinda complicated and could take 30 mins to 2 hours for the minor surgery *double gasps*

And I will be so awake throughout the whole session *gasp gasp gasp*


to go out or just stay in for tonight?

decisions, decisions, decisions.

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  1. September 19, 2010 11:45 am

    I think you’re just tired la~~
    First year of work is hard on the subconscious.

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