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October 9, 2010


oh this…

is too much to bear…

you are so near….. i could see you….. if i lift my fingers, i could bring life to you……

but why?

why do i feel so wrong?

is this a temptation?

or is this a real connection?

you and i are one…

are we not?

will you wait?

for the bigger picture… will you wait for me?




oh my bloggie…

*now i have to kill some brain cells and fry up a 1500 word reflection of our practicum, even though we have been writing daily lesson reflections and weekly reflections and i have no freaking idea what else to reflect upon more for this stupid and redundant task! then i have to update the portfolio with more stupid reports and mencantikkan the portfolio because the ‘appearance of the portfolio’ is judged and the evaluators are shallow like that*

seriously, i love teaching. i love my kids. i love my classes.

but all this irrelevant and tedious extra work does nothing to enhance our teaching skills but rather demotivates us from achieving our best in our teaching and learning.

Really, this is just plain stupid.

come on, it even stopped me from blogging.

how notorious is that?

wait, you mean i’m blogging now hence i can’t complain?

this is NOT blogging. this is merely a rant of frustration.

yes, i know im typing on my blog but this by no means is blogging.

yes, i know blogging means expressing one’s thoughts but this by no means is blogging.

yes, i know i am making no sense but somehow not making sense here beats me trying to start off my reflection report by a long run…


Procrastination is sweet.

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  1. October 10, 2010 11:15 am

    Easy la~~
    Goreng Goreng 1500 words. No need to refer to anything.
    Any blogger can do it.

  2. October 11, 2010 1:30 am

    Hi senior. Thanks for dropping by. U’re joel’s sister? Nice to know u 🙂 I’ll link u to my blog.

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