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i know i have become really mushy lately…

December 12, 2010

but that’s just because…


I am really happy.

Really happily in love.

Happier now that my parents gave us their blessings and prayed for us.


I really pray and hope. This is the end of the search. That I found someone I could build a future with.

That I have indeed found HIM.


In fact, when we wanted to join this Michael Hill thingy as a couple team-building exercise, we had to come out with the reason behind ‘Why are we the best couple’.

We talked about it, got excited over it… and I went off to sleep.

Next morning, I woke up to this beautiful crafted piece on my email….


Love > Distance

Knowing the uncertainty of the reality

We are 2 love fools that fell for each other

After a little over 1 year we were separated by the reality

8725km apart (5421 miles)

4 to 5 hours time difference

2 years on

In the world of temptations, our love is still strong for each other

Our love has formed through the test of time

Like a brilliantly cut diamond,

Pure as the Clarity

Making our love almost flawless through our faith in each other

22 to us is not just a number

The 22nd was the day we came together

2 of the 2s together make the 2 of us

And when you place the first 2, mirrored to the second 2

It forms a symbol of heart made by 2 heartfelt swans.



I guess I do have every reason to be mushy after all 😉

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