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The 7 steps to Coping in GM

February 21, 2011

To be perfectly honest, this place exceeded my pre-expectations in a very good way.

For one, I’m not stuck in some jungle out there yet;

my Celcom Broadband has been serving me real well;

I do get a lot of chinese home-cooked food due to some lovely people here…etc etc…


But sometimes, we still falter… being the human we are…

If I say I am perfectly happy and satisfied with my life now. That would be a big fat lie.

Then again, I don’t hate it…

It is more of a transition… from coping… to accepting



So here are my 7 steps to Coping In GM

Step 1:

Make my room – a ROOM.



Step 2:

Get well from all sorts of illness @_@

ok, no more coughing and chasing after my running nose… maybe a lil more throat irritation



Step 3:

Stock up on food~~~

Cocopie, Twisties, Jacob’s Biscuits, Drinks, Maggi Mee, Sweets…



Step 4:

Get connected to God!

Daily devotions, and good fellowship in Pastor Ezekiel and Pastor Aurora’s home church.



Step 5:

Get connected to my loved ones~

Let’s see, 3-4 phone calls a day from SuperPapa, daily msn-chats, IDD calls, and several skype-dates with L..



Step 6:

Adapting to school’s culture

*still in progress @_@*


Step 7:

Get own transportation!


(most probably Ms. Felicia would be seen wearing her Baju Kurung, riding a scooter in the near future… molek eh)




Main goal now, is to learn to accept that I will in fact, be here, for quite a while. So I should make the best out of it 🙂

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